Bio-Profile of Dilip Mehta


A M.S. in Physics from Northeastern University, Boston is president of Hindu Mahasabha of America aka Hindu Congress of America (HMSA), he is an educator by profession and ex– VHPA Houston Chapter president, ex-Governing Council Member and founder of VHPA Camp in Houston. He has rectified many newspapers publications on Hinduism and educated editors. He started Hindu Club at University of Kansas in 1966. One of the cofounders of Chinmay Mission –US. A subject matter expert and contemporary analyst on Hinduism and Dharma. With over six decades of selfless service experience towards Hindu Dharma sustainability, preser-vation and protection, he has immensely contributed to multiple Hindu organizations, motivated and involved thousands of Hindus worldwide towards volunteering for Hindu cause, issues and empowerment. He is a regular speaker at various regional, national and international forums.