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We celebrate Navarattri with Pooja and Dance. Let us understand what is the significance of Navaratri. Nav means No. 9. So we celebrate for nine nights. First three nights we worship Goddess Laxmi as we need material and spiritual wealth to live our lives. Next three nights we worship. Goddess Saraswati as we need knowledge to understand the world around us. Also to understand how to face the challenges and problems life offers us. Next three nights we worship Goddess Kali or Durga as we need protection from evil forces. Before we go further let us understand why nine nights, why not three or six nights. Number 9 contains all digits within itself kike 7+2= 9, 4+5=9, 6+1=9 6+3=9, 8+1=9 . So we see nine contains all digits within itself, but nine is not contained by any digit. Nine is beyond all digits. Similarly Goddess we worship contains whole universe within herself but universe cannot contain her as she is beyond universe just like no.9 contains all digits but any digit cannot contain 9.

Now about Ma Durga. There was a demon called Mahisasur. Nobody was able to defeat him. In another word manpower totally failed. So Durga a symbol of Narishaki was called. When she came, without going through diplomatic dialogue, solution through negotiation she killed him. Also she didn’t go through craps like approaching enemy with love and nonviolence, satayagrah. Such craps are not in our Sanatan Dharma. Bhagvan Ram to get his Sitaji back didn’t seat down in the front of Ravan’s palace and told Ravan that unless you give my Sita back I will fast unto death. He organized army and defeated Ravan. So such nonsense concepts are not there in our Sanatan Dharma.

There is another meaning. Nari shakti was called, when man power failed to protect Dharma. For thousand years we have been humiliated, looted. Millions of our women were raped. Half of India is gone. In another word manpower failed protect Dharma and its value system. So it is now time for all Hindu nari to come forward to protect Dharma. Now I like to tell my all Hindu sisters that Durga, Kali or Amba are not coming from the sky. They are within you. So you have to invoke them. So you have to become Amba, Kali or Durga and take care of all forces who are out destroy our dharma and our civilization. This is according to our original Shastra not according to me.

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