Modi govt will clear hurdles for building Ayodhya Ram temple’

ramHYDERABAD: The BJP-led NDA government’s immediate priority is to ensure that the economic parameters of the country are improved, though issues such as Ram Janmabhoomi are still on the agenda, the party’s national general secretary P Muralidhar Rao said on Saturday. 

“We want to solve all the issues as early as possible. But the rider is … first priority is to tackle the economic problems of the country and bring (the country) back to growth path and establishing good governance. These are the main priorities before the government as of now,” Rao said at a news conference in response to questions. 

“Whether it is Ram Janmabhoomi or uniform civil code or Article 370, there is an agenda for BJP. All the issues cannot be solved immediately…We are not going to build Ram temple. The government will pave the way by clearing hurdles to the people who are going to construct Ram Mandir (Ram Temple),” he added. 

Rao said though ideologically the Ram Janmabhoomi issue is important, the government will have to “observe the same sequence of promises” made before the Lok Sabha elections, when they come to implementation. 

Terming Prime Minister Modi’s recent visit to Japan as a “strategic one”, Rao said the tour is an important step towards making Asian region as economic leader of the world. 

The BJP leader said the Prime Minister’s recent visits to countries such as Brazil are to garner support for the country’s bid to secure a permanent place in the UN security council, among others. 

Rao rubbished allegations in some quarters that the Modi’s Cabinet colleagues do not have freedom, terming them as “baseless”. 

According to him, all the economic indicators of the country started showing improvement during the past three months due to the “pro-active approach” of the government. 

Source: Times Of India