More Islamists caught red-handed with hoards of illegal firearms

Islamic-CartoonsApprehensions that the Lok Sabha election, 2014 and the (fast) vicious developments can lead to a communal outburst in Bengal are no more unlikely and with day it passes, such a development is getting apparent ever more. The reason behind such discernment is also simple – exploiting administration’s lassitude the whole of Bengal has been turned into the greatest repository of illegal arms and ammunitions in the country by radical Muslim outfits and their local henchmen. And each new breakthrough endangers the society. On April 5, the team of Special Staff Port Division (SSPD) had a major success in the port area of Kolkata when they arrested three Islamists red-handed and clutched 1 single shutter gun, 4 cartridges, 6 bombs and 2 choppers from them.

On the word of police, they had a tip-off of an illegal arms transaction and to cop felons red-handed, a team was present there already. Once two motorbikes reached the spot, policemen charged but one vehicle with two riders on it succeeded to break out. Nevertheless, three riders of the bike seized were arrested soon. They included Moinuddin Khan alias Raju (age 32), Sheikh Parvez (age 20) and Abdul Razzaq alias Chotu (age 33) and were booked under section 120B of the Indian Penal Code and Sections 25 (1) (A) and 29 of Indian Arms Act. During interrogation the arrested youths informed police that they were following instructions of a person named Wasim inhabiting Tiljala in Kolkata who asked them to bring the said weapons from Garden Reach to Park Circus.

Who is Wasim? As stated by police, Wasim is involved with the trade of construction in Tijala and he was introduced to the arrested youths a few months back only. What confounds police now is the real identity of Wasim and also requirement of arms at this critical juncture of parliamentary election. Even if police has declined to reveal more, it has been learnt that an official investigation has been initiated to find out Wasim shortly. Without doubt, the development has troubled police and administration; it is being conjectured that the other motorbike was also having an equal cache of firearms and other weapons.

On April 6, a team of CID’s Special Branch, led by Syed Waqar Reza – Superintendent of CID, arrested Zahar Ahmed (age 50) along with a cache of weapons from Howrah Station. Zahar Ahmed is involved in the trade of smuggling arms and ammunitions for long and on the same day, he was all set to board Howrah-Malda Intercity Express at 3.15 pm from Howrah Station to go to Malda. Police had this information thanks to private sources and hence, it became easy for them to arrest Zahar red-handed. Zahar Ahmed, in accordance with police, lives in Kaliachak in the district of Malda and he was instructed to take the lethal weapons from Chitpur in Kolkata to Malda. The weapons recovered from him include thirteen 9 mm and two 7.5 mm pistols. This cache had been sent to Kolkata from Munger in Bihar and dealers reached the metropolis through Jamalpur Express.

The two successes have unnerved the state administration.

Source: Hindu Samhati