Mumbai : Hindu unification rallies held for the occasion of ‘Guru-Pournima’

‘Guru-Pournima – 2015′ 

Devout Hindus resolve to bring about extensive unification of Hindus through the medium of HJS

Mumbai : On 26th July 2015, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) organized rallies for unification of Hindus at various places like Borivali, Vikhroli, Mankhurd, Kalyan, Ulhasnagar and Uran on the occasion of forthcoming ‘Guru-Pournima’.

The pro-Hindu guests guided devout Hindus attending the rallies on ‘Solutions on protection of nation and Dharma’; whereas members of HJS spoke on establishment of Hindu Rashtra and direction for its achievement. The rallies received encouraging response from various pro-Hindu organizations, Sects, public festival committees and devout Hindu brethren who decided to undertake regular spiritual practice for establishment of Hindu Rashtra, with the grace of God and blessings of Guru, for extensive unification of Hindus.

Speakers from Sanatan Sanstha explained the concept of ‘Adhyatma Vishwavidyalaya’ and gave information on SanatanSanstha’s Founder ‘Paratpar’ Guru Dr. Athavale. A short film related to ‘Adhyatma Vishwavidalay’ was also shown during the rally. HJS has been creating awareness amongst Hindus through a program called ‘Hindu Varta’ on its website and it was explained that how citizens could contribute to this mission; besides showing a short film on this topic.


Devout Hindutvavadis attending the program



About 120 activists and members of different organizations like ‘Hindu Gou-vansh Raksha Samiti’, VHP, Shiv Sena, Sanatan Sanstha, HJS etc. were present along with Sanatan’s Saint ‘Pujya’ (Kum) Anuradha Wadekar.

Highlights :

1. Activists of Hindu Gou-vansh Raksha Samiti had participated even in propagation of the rally.

2. Many devout Hindus got their doubts clarified after the rally by discussing with speakers and showed interest in joining Dharma-karya.


Establishment of Hindu Rashtra is possible through unification of Hindus, ‘Dharma-kranti’ and Guru’s grace – Ramesh Shinde, National Spokesperson, HJS


Shri. Ramesh Shinde while addressing

Shriram, Shrikrushna and Bhagwan Parshuram used their ‘Kshatra-Tej’ and ‘Brahma-Tej’ for destruction of evil-doers. By keeping them as our ideals and by imbibing their teachings and war-strategies, Hindu Rashtra will be established for elimination of all anti-Hindu powers; with unification of Hindus, ‘Dharma-kranti’ and grace of God. Every Hindu should preserve their language and culture for protection of Nation and Dharma; make a resolve for Hindu Rashtra. Establishment of Hindu Rashtra should thus begin at home so that there would be Hindu Rashtra in everyone’s home.

About 170 participants including members of Shivakarya Pratishthan, Vikhroli, Shivarajya Samvardhan Pratishthan, Durgaveer Pratishthan, Swarajya Yuva Pratishthan, Bajarang Dal, VHP, Shiv Sena, MNS and local Ganesha Festival committees attended the rally. Shri. Maruti Shirke, a ‘Gou-rakshak’ police who has so far saved 1004 cows and cattle was felicitated on the occasion.


… then in few years, condition of India may worsen ! – Advocate Shri. Subhash Jha, Mumbai High Court and Supreme Court


Advocate Shri. Subhash Jha while addressing

‘Love jihad’ is spreading amongst our Hindu women, right from historical period till the present film industry. Restrictions imposed over Hindus through family planning and all freedom given to Muslims has led to endangering existence of Hindus. If a Muslim has 4 wives and 25 children, condition of India will become too bad in few years. More than 150 devout Hindus attended the rally.


‘Brahma-Tej’ and ‘Kshatra-Tej’ needs to be increased for increasing inner strength ! – advocate Shri. Sanjeev Punalekar, all-India Secretary, Hindu Vidhidnya Parishada (HVP)


Advocate Shri. Sanjeev Punalekar

There is need to increase ‘Brahma-Tej’ and ‘Kshatra-Tej’ for increasing inner strength; since lack of it is increasing weakness amongst Hindus. Every Hindu should study Dharma-shastra and abide by Dharma. Now, Saints’ blessings and grace of God will help in establishment of Hindu Rashtra but for which, every Hindu should abide by Dharma and be active.

More than 100 representatives of ‘Yoga Vedanta Samiti’, ‘Patanjali Yoga Samiti’, ‘Bharat Swabhiman’, Swarajya Hindu Sena, Bajarang Dal, BJP, Sanatan Sanstha, HJS etc. were present on the occasion.

Highlights :

Police conducted inquiry, since morning, of HJS’ activists and devout Hindus to find out about Hindu unification rally and they were present at the venue till end of the program. (Had police been so alert and inquired into programs of fanatic Muslims, India would have been freed of terrorism by now ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

Uran (Dist. Raigad)

More than 200 devout Hindus attended this Hindu unification rally. Shiv Sainik Shri. Kaushik Thakur took initiative in organizing this rally. 60 devout Hindus attended the Hindu unification rally held at Ulhasnagar.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat