Mumbai : School distributes wrong India Map to KG students

The school at first sent out the wrong map on Wednesday, with a distorted outline for Jammu and Kashmir. It sent the correct version the very next day, but by then many students had already completed the assignment and simply submitted the wrong map.

In a bid to increase students’ knowledge of the country and its boundaries ahead of Independence Day, a Mulund school instead proved its own ignorance by distributing a map of India with the wrong outline for Jammu and Kashmir.

The local police have now initiated an inquiry against the school, which in turn has alleged that it was the mistake of a schoolteacher who simply picked the wrong map from the Internet.

Politically incorrect

It was in honour of I-Day that the Sou Laxmibai English Medium School in Mulund East distributed the outline maps to kindergarten students, who were asked to submit it to the teacher after completing some craftwork. Soon enough, however, the school and some of the parents realised that the map featured a distorted Jammu and Kashmir.

The wrong map was initially mailed to students on Wednesday. KG students were asked to return it to the teacher on Friday after decorating it with craft paper in the colours of the national flag. The very next day, the school mailed another map – the right one, this time. While many parents had realised the mistake themselves and used the correct version, others simply submitted the wrong map.

“Because of school’s error, our children have learnt the wrong map. Then in order to remove the wrong learning, we had to show them the right map,” said one of the parents.

Another said, “At first I got the wrong map and had even completed the assignment. The next day we got the correct map and I had to re-do the assignment.”

Parents alleged that it was wrong on the school’s part, as they should have first checked the map before handing it over to students. “There are a total of 60 students, and they should make sure that everyone got the right map. Some of us never got the second mail with the correct map. However, we understood that something was wrong with the map, and it was confirmed after discussion with other parents,” said an upset parent.

The Navghar police initiated an inquiry after they got information about the matter from locals.Senior Police Inspector Ramdas More from Navghar police station said, “We started the inquiry as this matter is related to our country’s map. We questioned a few of the teachers and they have accepted their mistake in front of us, while the school authorities immediately mailed the correct map later.”

Source : Mid day