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May 23, 2014

Dear Friends,


Subject: Muslim Leaders Speak on Hindus National Security Integrity Threatened.


Now that the excitement over parliamentary election (2014) is over, we are, after sharing with you something on what some honourable Christian fathers had delved in politictis & spewed venom against the Prime-Minister designate Narendra Modi, & their terrorist activity on the ground to boot, before you today with the actual statements of some honourable Muslim leaders including M.P.s. Friends, let us first read them (both in Hindi & English) in the attachment. Although received some time back, we held back the information till well after the results of the election are announced. We did not wish to be blamed for vitiating the communal situation in the country.

          The reading & re-reading these statements raise some questions:


  • Are these honourable leaders of Islam not aware of history of India? Muslim invaders have plundered, massacred Hindus in thousands & lakhs, destroyed temples & created mosques over them (by their own admission) but the Hindus never capitulated. They had always regrouped & fought back. Sacrifices made by great people like Guru Nanak Dev, Teg Bahadur, et all, are typical examples that any amount torture cannot kill the right to hold on to one’s own religion & culture.
  • What was in their minds while making these or similar statements? Threatening the Hindus to submit or convert to Islam?
  • Many Muslim scholars claim Islam means peace. And, statements, galore from many Muslim leaders that true Islam does not believe in terror and that they condone acts of terrorism. But, are they not ‘scripturally’ obliged to kill heathens like Hindus to be able to go to and enjoy harem like benefits in “behest”?
  • Do not these honourable men want their Muslim brothers & sisters stay in Hindusthan, the land Hindus, in peace & prosper?
  • Do they truly believe they can go back in history and re-establish the caliphate of their dream? In other wods, are they in line with the thinking of their terrorist brothers?


While we do not expect any answers from them, we honestly believe, the Muslim population in India being downright misused by the power that were, these leaders drew inspiration from the minority-appeasement policy of the outgoing government & were certain of safety by receiving a sort of ‘protection benefit’ from them, if not, one sometimes tend to believe, being even instigated by some amongst the government or party leadership. One can cite factual examples from the recent past & from the high & the highest level.

We suggest to these honourable men to look outside in India as well. People, having realised the danger Islam is posing by virtue of their fast demographic growth, are gathering in protest. They must also remember the post-independence born Muslim youth (excepting those taught in Madrassas) and the first-time voters among them, are keen on making their careers & have different ideas. Religion, as many amongst them, have started believing is a matter of personnel faith only. They will not, therefore, be keen to go along with their threats to the Hindus for submission.

Here, we will also like to repeat some parts of what we have said to the honourable Christian missionary ‘fathers’. Let us repeat:


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  • Even the few lines quoted will make anyone raise the question as to in which country other than our Bharatvarsh, this kind right to freedom of speech guaranteed in the Indian Constitution is so abused? The concerned functionaries literally spewed venom against the Hindus, the majority population in the country. They stand open to legal action on or charges of downright defamation, creating communal disharmony, if not also of indulging in falsehood, and blasphemy.
  • Perhaps, the august religious leaders will do well in knowing or reading something about the Indian culture & civilization, if not something on Hinduism as well. Many among Indians scholars or otherwise are quite conversant with Islam. That helps understanding. The honourable Maulanas & Imams may even learn on Hinduism from non-Hindu or scholars who had left Islam, some of whom are extremely well-versed in Hinduism.

          There is yet another fact they ought to know. This Hindusthan, the land of Hindus, is the most open & secular religion. We have here, true to our assimilative cultural ethos, given shelter to all persecuted people from all religions, welcomed them with open arms. They have got so assimilated in Indian ethos that all of them can co-exist, rather happily, here some of them even found their ‘homes’ here. After all, as the honourable leaders will know, the DNA of by & large all those who live in Bharatvarsh has been scientifically proved to be the same.

So, we appeal to them: please do not indulge in such inflammatory speeches. If you yourselves cannot get assimilated, please allow the youngsters live & grow in Bharatvarsh, get themselves truly assimilated culturally also. And, then let us all live in peace & amity or co-exist peacefully.

          May be many of our esteemed reader friends will also help carry forward this message to all concerned, including the honourable leaders mentioned in the attached mail.

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          Friends, questions have been thrown at us: Have not these honourable Muslim leaders made themselves vulnerable to legal action for offences like treason, treachery as also seriously damaging the communal fabric of the country? As it is, it is known that the Shahi Imam of Delhi has a non-bailable warrant against him awaiting execution. He is also credited with the famous statement that he is not amenable to Indian laws or Indian courts.

          A final appeal. Please do not try to test the exlent or level of the catholicity of Hinduism. If stretched beyond the limit, even the strongest string breaks. Let us all live in harmony, keeping religion a matter of personal faith aside. The Prime-designate has already said he believed in treating all Indians in equal terms. Let us help him make this happen. We want and we preach peace, peace & peace. Can we all not make this a reality?

          (Note: A humble suggestion. Please share this with friends, and as we say, with friends of friends, with request to them to do the same in their turn. And, can some amongst you reach this mail to the honourable speakers also?


Your sevak,

D.C. Nath

(President, Patriots’ Forum)

(Former Spl. Director, IB)




Muslim Speaks on Hindus by Ajai Vir

Hindus shouldn’t make the mistake of considering Indian-Muslims any different from the Pakistan-Muslims.

If India may dare to attack Pakistan, then 25 crore Indian Muslims will join Pakistan Forces and fight against India.

Asaduddin Ovaisi, Loksabha Sansad,MIM, Hyderabad.

Hindus do not have any rights to vote in Arab, Pakistan or any one of the 56 Islamic Nations. I challenge: Has even a single Hindu the strength (guts) to impose restrictions on our (Muslims’) voting-rights in India?

Maulana Badarrudin Ajmal, Loksabha Sansad, AIUDF, Assam.


In Hyderabad, our Muslim population has crossed 50%, and now we are in majority.

Therefore I demand the Administration to impose restrictions on celebration of Hindu festivals such as Ram-navami, Hanuman Jayanti etc.

In the Bhagya-Lakshmi temple, near Char-Minar, we have already shown our strength by stopping the ringing of the Bell/gong.  We Muslims will ensure that this temple is also destroyed.

Akbaruddin Ovaisi, Sansad, Majlis-e-Ittehadul-Musalmeen, (AIMIM), Hyderabad, India.


I regret the continuing of massacre of Hindus & Buddhists in Bangladesh, but Bangladesh is an Islamic Nation and not Secular. Now, the Muslims are in majority here. Under the circumstances, if Hindus & Buddhists want to live safely, they should either convert to Islam or go to India.

Begum Khalida Zia, President, Bangla National Party.


Hindu-Leaders may wear a Muslim cap any number of times, but we Muslim-Leaders will never put a Tilak. Let Hindus may give any amount of respect to our Namaz, but we Muslims will surely boycott “Vande Matram”, because in Islam both Secularism & Patriotism are HARAAM (Banned). 

Azam Khan, Leader, Samajvadi Party, U.P.


Muslims have ruled India for 1100 years. Lacs of Hindus were beheaded. Crores of Hindus were converted into Islam. We divided India, and snatched Pak & Bangladesh. Demolished 2000 temples and converted these into mosques.

It is out of our fear that Hindus even today chant: “Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai”.

This is the strength of Islam.

Maulana Jhakir Nayeek, Mumbai.



Let Hindus consider Cow as a Mother, even then we Muslims will surely cut the Cows, because sacrifice is Muslims’ Religious right. Allah demands Sacrifice.

Muslims don’t fight an oral-war, we do everything directly with our might. We are not afraid of any Ruler (Govt.), because we the Muslim community have already grown sizably. If any mother’s son intervenes, we will deal with him, but we will certainly cut Cows.

Nuroor Rahman Barkati, Shahi Imam, Tipu Sultan Masjid, Kolkata, India.

In the face of our strength (might), Hindus are not able to build even a single Ram-Temple in their own country.

Do Hindus have the spunk to even stall the construction of a Mosque in Saudi-Arabia, Pak or any one of the 56 Islamic countries? 

Maulana Sayyad Ahmad Bukhari, Shahi Imam, Jama Masjid, Delhi.


Hindus don’t have the spunk to stop infiltration (illegal) of our Banladeshi Muslim brothers into Assam; we will continue to come (infiltrate).

Maulana Badarrudin Ajmal, Loksabha Sansad, AIUDF, Assam.

 (Most Hindus are so scared that they won’t even share these statements/ outbursts).