Nandurbar (Maharashtra) : Devout Hindus make a resolve to protect Goumata and temples

Pu.-Jadhav-kakaNandurbar (Maharashtra) : It is the need of the hour that Hindus unite setting aside their differences of caste and creed; so also take active part in protection of temples and cows. Every person from every house should now be ready to contribute for nation and Dharma. The above appeal was made by H.H. Nandkumar Jadhav of Sanatan Sanstha in a program held at Jaitane in Sakri taluka. Hundreds of devout Hindus attending the program, made such resolve to become active. A lecture was held on the topic of ‘Awareness towards Nation and Dharma’ on 12th November at 7.00 p.m. to commemorate 14th death anniversary of late Sundaratai Bhat Bachhav wherein Pujya Jadhav appealed to the attendees. Hundreds of ‘jidnyasus’ waited after the guidance and asked in what way they could join Dharmakarya, by remaining within the framework of law. H.B.P. Nimba Devaram Nehalade, Shri. Deva Santosh Katke of Gou-raksha Samiti and Shri. Dadabhai Manik Pagare were felicitated by H.H. Jadhav. Prof. Satish Bagul compered the program.

Come forward to stop denigration of temples and cow-slaughter !

H.H. Jadhav said, “The current situation of nation and Dharma is very critical and it is the need of the hour that every person remains alert”. “If festivals and religious ceremonies are performed with complete knowledge of the underlying science, it will increase ‘sattvikta’ in society. Unfortunately Hindus staying abroad are unable to celebrate our festivals as they want to; but many obstacles are created even in celebration of festivals by Hindus in our country; in the name of superstitions and environment-friendliness”. “We are trying to diminish importance of our own temples. Benefit should be obtained from chaitanya emanated from every temple”. “People should come forward to prevent denigration of our temples; should be vigilant about usage of money and cattle offered to temples”. “It is necessary to stop cow-slaughter and raise one voice against unauthorized slaughter-houses”.

Discard narrow-mindedness ! : Ms. Pratiksha Korgaonkar

Ms. Pratiksha Korgaonkar of HJS said, “Every village should become alert and active towards the mission of establishment of Hindu Rashtra. Women should not waste time in watching TV serials and should not have narrow-minded approach towards happenings around them.”

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat