Narendra Modi Equals Indian Economic Augmentation – Roars Texas Indian Americans at GIBV Program

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Narendra Modi Equals Indian Economic Augmentation – Roars Texas Indian Americans at GIBV Program

TEXAS based Indian American Community at GIBV Hosted ‘Vote for India’ – Chai Pe Charcha program at Woodland, Texas, USA



“Indian Prime minister candidate Narendra Modi equal Indian economic augmentation” was the theme of Texas based Indian Americans who gathered at GIBV (Global Indians for Bharat Vikas – hosted ‘Chai pe Charcha’ program.  Many of Houston, Texas based Indian community leaders joined forces with one single vision – to see Narendra Modi as Indian PM which will boost the engines of economic prosperity and growth for motherland.

DHAVAL JOSHIPURA (GIBV – TEXAS), a senior Indian American community leader said that people across USA are travelling to India and passionately educating both urban and rural masses on Narendra Modi leadership skills, vision and the ‘Gujarat Model’ he has for country. He said that GIBV currently has 1200 + volunteers across USA and goal of GIBV is to enable certain victory for Narendra Modi lead BJP in ongoing Lok Sabha elections. He informed everyone on the pro technical and scientific mindset Narendra Modi has when it comes to implementing government projects and schemes. Texas, being a hub of GIBV mission 2014 program is being spearheaded under the stewardship of Sharad Amin, Gitesh Desai and Achalesh Amar. He said 30 volunteers from GIBV Texas are visiting India specifically for Narendra Modi campaigning, adding that when NRI’s support Narendra Modi – it creates impact. Today GIBV has volunteers from Ukraine, Tunisia, Japan, Germany etc. He gave testimonials on how a massive improvement under leadership of Narendra Modi has led to advancements in education, jobs, payroll systems, industry etc. He said that Modi honesty is leading such transformation. He said that there is no political interference in Gujarat. Narendra Modi makes sure that board members of Govt. sponsored projects has technocrats and subject matter experts and are allowed to work openly. Every week he takes update on all projects via. Face to face conferencing.


ACHALESH AMAR (GIBV –TEXAS Coordinator) educated audience on leveraging GIBV reference calling. He requested all GIBV members to call via. Phone in their respective constituency as that provide a personal touch. He said that enlists contact information of business by state and city and people can randomly look up business numbers at JustDial.Com and start making calls. He requested all to support GIBV message at their Facebook and Twitter accounts and if possible go to India and participate in election campaign. Donation of 2-4 Hr/ Week for motherland is appreciative. He said that until last vote is cast all GIBV and allied supporters should work in total capacity towards victory of Narendra Modi lead BJP party.

SHALINI KAPOOR, a social worker and educator emphasized on involving people from states like Pondicherry, Sikkim and other far flung states.

BABU SHUSHEELAN, a renowned American Hindu scholar said that state of Kerala needs special focus as it has high density of communists and congress presence.  

SRINI KATTA (GIBV – TEXAS Member) gave an excellent suggestion that GIBV program should continue post elections too and GIBV has key role to make sure that forces which oppose Narendra Modi pro development vision and mission in Bharat (India) are encountered and resolved. His suggestion was accepted by all members unanimously.

BHAVESH JOSHI – A social worker and technocrat emphasized on key attributes people like Narendra Modi, first he create environment of economic engines which lead to employment opportunities and jobs.

SHEKHAR PATIL said that he plans to update 100 young students at Universities of Houston area and try enrolling them in this epic movement.

RAHUL CHANDRA (GIBV TEXAS) – said that in many of his GIBV programs he hosted in Atlanta, GA and

Orlando, FL area people are coming up with innovative ideas making GIBV mission more reachable in USA and worldwide. He requested overseas Indians across continents to implement GIBV programs in Europe, Africa, Australia, West Asia and Latin America. GIBV is a pro India pro Narendra Modi program with a global scope and overseas Indians should feel free to establish GIBV committees in respective countries.

SACHIN CHITLANGIA, a social worker and technocrat assisted GIBV in hosting and implementing the program and thanked GIBV for enrolling Indian Americans supporting Narendra Modi. He said that in West Bengal situation of business man has grown from bad to worse and current environment is not at all conducive to expand business. Its survival economics prevalent in India and Modi brings a fresh hope of economic revival.

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DISCLAIMER: The views expressed by individuals above are in their personal capacity.


Mission 2014: Congress Mukta Bharat

Global Indians for Bharat Vikas (GIBV)

Tel: 570-884-GIBV

Email:  Twitter:@mission2014gibv