Narendra Modi is the embodiment of Hindutva and economic progress: Subramanian Swamy

Subramanian Swamy

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy today sought a massive mandate for Narendra Modi in the Lok Sabha polls, saying he is an embodiment of “Hindutva and economic progress”.

“Now he (Modi) is the embodiment of the Hindutva and economic progress and we sould go to all our areas and ensure he gets absolute majority,” Swamy said at a book release function here.
Referring to the US Ambassodor Nancy Powel meeting Modi in Gandhinagar, Swamy claimed the envoy could meet him only at third attempt.

“He rejected twice their (US) request for appointment. Third time he said you come through External Affairs Ministry and do not come to me directly and after that only he met the Ambassodor,” Swamy said adding “it shows that they now know that they have to adjust on his term.”

Defending the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate on Gujarat riot issue, he said “All the allegations against Narendra Modi which is not in any court but in general talks.” The book in Hindi titled as “Saajish Ki
Kahani- Tatthyo Ki Jubani” written by journalist Sandip Deo was about Modi.

Commenting about the book, Swamy said, “There are lot of books on Narendra Modi, however they are focused on largely the personality of Modi or his Gujarat development model. Sandeep Deo gave a new vision – what is truth behind the Gujarat tragedy with various legal explanations and insights.”

Source: DNA