Need for Unity between proHindu organizations – Shri Vinod Daaram

Shri Vinod Daaram, President, ‘Sundar Satsang’ and
‘Kamadhenu Gouvanitajnan Kendram Karimnagar, Telangana

Topic : Work with dedication to establish the Hindu rashtra

Hindu Dharma is constantly under attack through various media like cow slaughter, denigration of Hindu holy Scriptures and Saints, the reason being lack of unity among Hindus. This is experienced by everyone. It is necessary to outline a plan to unify all prohindu organizations. All proHindu organizations have the same aim, but they lack proper direction. There are many organizations, but again they lack unity.

Many Spiritual paths have full faith in God, they even go to extreme lengths for God realization, but they seem to lack in dedication towards the Nation. The number of temples and footfall in these temples may have increased, but poeple still lack in Dharmacharan. Our education system and the archaic laws formulated by the British are responsible for this. The Hajj pilgrims are dished out subsidies, while Hindu pilgrims are charged more for their pilgrimages. The most surprising thing about this is that not one Hindu talks about this. 

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti