Nepal: Persistent religious conversion by Christian missionaries irks Hindu population

Nepal CIA map“Popular support for Hindu nationalist political parties across the country is growing, which is prompting concerns for the future of Christianity and Christians in Nepal. A church building and the homes of four Christian converts in a Nepal village were burned down, according to Barnabas Fund. The Christian Today details the incident and citizens were powerless to prevent the assault as these extremists “targeted the homes of Ganga Lama Tamang, Lama Bahadur Tamang, Lama Bokta and Bikram Lama.” Reverend CB Gahatraj said: “The authorities are reluctant to meet our requests and are ignoring cases when the victims are Christian. Things like this should not happen in a secular nation.”

The majority of new Christians are Hindu converts, and a change in religion prompts ostracism and discrimination from their communities, sometimes even aggression”

Source: The Global Dispatch