New Hindu Temple set to Open in Indianapolis

_77039322_77039321INDIANAPOLIS, USA MARCH 16, 2015 (by Sravanth Verma, Digital Journal): A new temple being built will be formally established and opened to public on June 3, in Indianapolis, after an elaborate ceremony called the Maha Kumbhabhishekam. The ceremony will involve elaborate Hindu rituals by 30 priests, over a period of five days, and will mark the official consecration of the Hindu Temple of Central Indiana (HTCI). The massive ceremony will include the opening of several shrines that are also a part of the temple complex. In all, there are 17 primary deities, made of granite and marble and shipped from India. Thirty-two stone craftsmen from India are completing the temple, which spread over 13.5 acres, and includes a 11,000-square-foot worship hall and a 400-square-foot room for various rituals. 

The HTCI will be open throughout the week, and also plans to organize celebrations of festivals, scriptural talks, cultural programs, heritage camps, youth programs and yoga classes, according to the temple committee. The Illinois State University is planning a cultural immersion trip to the temple on March 21.

Source: Hinduism Today