New Jersey Schools to Close for Diwali

diwali-diyasGLEN ROCK, NEW JERSEY , February 24, 2015 (by Chris Harris, Schools in the borough will be closed on Nov. 11, since the Board of Education voted to add Diwali, a Hindu holy day, to the district’s calendar. District officials claim Glen Rock, which has a burgeoning Indian community, is the first district in Bergen County to formally recognize Diwali with an instruction-free day.

Rona McNabola, the board’s president, said she hopes Monday’s vote “sends a message to other communities” with growing Indian populations to at least consider recognizing Diwali with a day off. The school board’s move Monday night followed a formal request from a group of parents late last year that schools be closed on Diwali to make it easier for Hindu families to observe the holiday. Sanjiv Ohri, the school board’s vice president, said that Glen Rock’s “Indian community is very happy that the school has recognized the change and addressed the need of a growing community.”