New X-Men movie’s insulting reference to Krishna


This morning Shri Jay Lakhani will be at BBC London studio interacting with several BBC local stations (like Bristol, Leicester, Lancashire, etc) discussing the depiction of a major Hindu deity Krishna as a super villain in the new X-Men movie.

As Hindus are peaceful people the commercial forces take such liberties with Hinduism. We have to clarify that this depiction is highly offensive to a billion Hindus worldwide.

Hinduism has a great deal to contribute towards the needs of the modern society. Like the concepts of Spiritual Humanism (saying that we we are more than matter in contrast to Dawkins version of materialistic humanism), offering the idea of religious pluralism, suggesting that there are many ways of becoming spiritual (religious as well as non-religious). Unfortunately these ideas which are sorely needed by the modern world remain dormant!

The insulting reference is clear within the trailer itself which you can view for yourself by clicking here. The narration provided at 0:28 is by the villain Apocalypse.

There is also a petition that has been going around which you may sign by Clicking here

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Source: World Hindu News (WHN)