NYC Hindu Coalition Launches Vedic Literacy Program

VidyaDham Panchatatva Gitapith Hindu School In Queens NYC
It was only a few weeks ago that the NYC Hindu Coalition announced our first project of erecting the first Hindu Pre-School in NYC and likely the United States. The project was announced after the NYC Hindu Coalition established a quarterly meeting with the Mayor’s Office to discuss NYC Hindu Affairs. The Mayor’s Community Affair Unit suggested we take advantage of the City’s Pre-K program which allows religious and ethnic communities to build their own Preschools which can then be submitted to the City for official public funding. 
NYC Mayor’s Community Affair Unit & NYC DOE

Launch Of Hindu Pre-K, 27 Aug 2017


The Preschool project is led by NYC Hindu Coalition non-profit member VidyaDham Panchatatva Gitapith in Jamaica Queens. VidyaDham run by the Dey family, is a Bengladeshi Hindu Learning Center and Temple which focuses on study of the Bhagavad Gita and the “five elements” (Panchatatva) of Hinduism: earth, water, fire, air and space. VidyaDham has already held its fist official phone conference and are ready to proceed with the creation of an official Hindu Pre-K, however everyone is aware this will take some time, lots of advertising and resources. 
In order to spread awareness of our project and gain necessary support, the NYC Hindu Coalition has launched the “NYC Vedic Literacy Program”.  Today, all NYC School and Public Libraries have copies of the Bible and Koran, however there are almost no copies of the four Vedas in any NYC libraries. This is a terrible precedent set by the community as it prevents City educators and administrators from gaining access and knowledge to Hinduism and it also sends the message that Hindus are not united or don’t care to elevate our religion to the same status as Judaism, Christianity or Islam. 
To rectify this situation, the NYC Hindu Coalition has published and printed a copyright free version of the Four Vedas which can be distributed to all NYC libraries, as well as to public officials and temples. These Vedas carry no organizational name or logo so they can be distributed in a completely non-partisan fashion. Besides providing hard copies, we have also made available initial PDF versions and will be building an HTML resource so these Vedas can be viewed for free by all. 
We are looking for NYC Hindu families who are willing to purchase hard copies of our Vedas which they can deliver to their local school or public library, public official or temple.  Hindus outside NYC who wish to participate may also donate and these Vedas will be distributed to locations where they are needed.  It is important that we build community unity and strength and also make our presence known to the greater NYC public, not only for this Hindu Pre-K project but for all projects to come. Anyone wishing to participate can see instructions below. 
$100 donations provides a complete set of the Four Vedas. Please email with your details. You may send the address of the school or temple or political office where you would like the Vedas sent.  You may also provide your home address or local Post Office / UPS Pick Up store for self retrieval.  If you are located in NYC, you may also pick up your Vedas at the following address: 
Priyatosh Dey
88-43 162nd Street 
Jamaica NY 11432


Tel-646 643 3668 
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