OFBJP-USA Rebuttal to NY Times Article on Narendra Modi

Oct 29th 2013
Washington DC
The Editorial Board, New York Times

Ref: Your editorial “Narendra Modi’s Rise in India”; Published October 27th 2013, on page SR10 of the New York edition

Dear Editor and the larger Management Team at NYT,

Your biased opinion disguised in the form of an Editorial has come to our attention. Firstly, we would like to remind you that Mr. Modi has been elected (thrice) consecutively in democratic elections. He is not holding office due to someone’s mercy but because the people of Gujarat want him to be at the helm. You continue to believe in the fiction that Mr Modi was derelict in his duty in controlling the riots of 2002, despite clear evidences of the sincere efforts to control them. It only shows that NYT is not looking at the issue in a professional and unbiased manner. We are ready with a rebuttal, if you can only dare to publish it!!

Please note that during the last 12 years in Gujarat there has not been a single sectarian/communal conflict!! Please show us which congress ruled state in India has such a record? Even in USA, how come the reigning administration could not control the massive riots in Los Angeles post Rodney King beating by the LAPD. Regarding your comment on his “puppy” remark vis-a-vis the post-Godhra riots, this has been totally and maliciously misinterpreted. He was only highlighting the fact that he feels pain even if a small creature is hurt under the car; there was nothing incendiary or discriminatory in his comment!!!


Your view that “Muslims in Gujarat are much more likely to be poor than Muslims in India as a whole” is at serious variance with facts. FYI, please read an article published by a Muslim from Gujarat (http://ibnlive.in.com/group-blog/the-india-blog/3581/why-gujarati-muslims-are-with-modi/64627.html) NYT should be careful and make sure that the views reflected in its articles are in sync with the foreign policy of America. India has been fighting terrorism for a longer time than America, and India has been a Civilizational ally of Israel and has sided with every peaceful democratic movement in the World. By continuing an orchestrated campaign against Modi, the New York Times stands to lose the well wishes of a billion people who are yearning to throw out one of the most corrupt and jihadi appeasing Government of the world.
After Mr. Modi comes to power, he will take steps to curb terrorism which is certainly in the best interest of the US, Israel and Europe. Mr. Modi is good for business and for Market oriented Economies of the world.

A stronger India means lesser threats to the US from Communist as India will emerge as a bulwark against Chinese hegemony in Asia. To maintain geopolitical balance in the Asia-pacific region, a Modi led stronger India is quintessential.

Lastly, we have a suggestion for you;
Since you have shown such touching and extra ordinary concern about the welfare of India and its people, perhaps you could go that extra mile and also suggest who you think would be the most suitable candidate for the post of the Prime Minister of India in 2014? and while you do so, you may please give the reasons why you have made the suggestion and whose interests such a PM will serve? We are sure the people of India will be eternally grateful to The New York Times for its valuable inputs in determining the democratic future of India. We have made repeated attempts to send rebuttals to all your articles against the BJP or Narendra Modi. We understand that you are a Profit seeking corporation and that your decisions are inspired by “EDITORIAL LINE” that your corporation invests in. Our appeal is to consider what short term gains and long term losses this particular ANTI MODI “EDITORIAL LINE” will accrue for you. THINK NYT! THINK!! Modi represents the economically downtrodden classes of India. It will be for the first time a downtrodden man becomes Prime Minister of the world’s largest Democracy.

Yours sincerely,
Overseas Friends of BJP in the United States of America
(Representing the blessings and wishes of the 4 Million strong Indian American Community that wishes to see Narendra Modi become Prime Minister of India in 2014)

Prepared by: Media and publicity committee of OFBJP

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