Om at the airport: Helsinki offering yoga and Pilates for stressed travelers

Could yoga at the gate reduce the stress of flying?Passengers departing Helsinki can now reduce the stress of travel by participating in pre-flight yoga and pilates classes being offered through the airport’s TravelLab, which aims to improve the experience of flying.

As part of a testing phase, a limited selection of Om sessions are available to all passengers, regardless of which airline and class of service they selected.

Classes are held in the newly opened “Kainuu” relaxation space near gate 30, designed by TravelLab with a great outdoors theme.

For departing passengers too anxious to read and too health conscious to indulge in airport terminal fast food offerings, yoga and pilates could be the perfect solution.

During the test phase, classes, which are 20 minutes long, have been few and far between, meaning passengers looking to pop into a session may have a hard time finding one that corresponds with their flight schedule.

The Kainuu relaxation space is open 24 hours per day, however, so passengers looking to practice independently may do so at any time.

A final yoga class was scheduled for June 10, with pilates sessions to follow on June 13 at 2 and 4 pm.

Helsinki Airport is the latest of several to add a yoga program: others include San Francisco, Dallas Fort Worth and Chicago O’Hare.