Opinion: NDTV Media Bullying Of Legendary Hindu Actress Hema Malini Unacceptable


On July 2, 2015 in Dausa, Rajasthan area, Hema Malini’s car (which she wasn’t driving) met with an accident which resulted  in the tragic death of a girl alongside inflicting serious head injury to Hema Malini. Condolences to the family of deceased & wishes for Hema Malini’s early recovery poured in. Both accidental parties offered remorse at the unfortunate event and move forward with their lives.  But one news channel didn’t move forward. The accident provided an opportunity to NDTV & its affiliates seeking vengeance against legendary Hindu actress Hema Malini making the small girl death a scapegoat of their media interrogation  of Hema Malini. Hema Malini actions post accident were judicious and in such a scenario of late evening accident at remote highways, any human being with a serious head injury with blood oozing out will no doubt decry for medical attention as he /she will be in the same psychological shoes of opposite party – emotionally disoriented, mentally shocked, physically injured. Decry of NDTV led media voices on ‘her inability to carry the injured little girl with her to hospital’ is  an unreasonable and absurd rationale prosecuting a senior citizen woman who herself was a victim of life threatening accidental shock.

Though for NDTV & Nexus, it was a golden opportunity to character assassinate Hema Malini – a standard communist modus operandi tactic.

NDTV in the history of India has long been a pragmatic voice of communist, pseudo secularist ideologies targeting individuals and organizations who are not in their eco-system. Had NDTV be so concerned about the little girl’s death, they could have established a ‘Highway Safety Campaign’ or broadcasted a panel discussing inviting road and transport ministers -bureaucrats on road safety – a form of social issues activism NDTV has expertise in. But no – this time the target was Hema Malini – A legendary actress from India, a successful politician and most importantly a devout Hindu who has popularized the Indian classical dance – Bharatnatyam, the temple dance Hindu tradition. The theme of Bharat Natyam is grounded in the Bhakti Yoga ( Devotional Hindu path to spirituality) and is an act of devotion to Hindu deities in dance – music form. Via. her performances, Hema Malini has not only popularized this classical form of Yoga worldwide but also served as role model for millions of women in India for women empowerment in music, arts, politics and devotion for goddess Durga. Unlike her many film industry contemporaries  who rather  chose to their spend senior age in petty Bollywood fanfare politics and  rigorous Ass-licking of Khan trio for their kin promotions in Indian film industry. Hema Malini stands apart with a mission to promote Indian classical dances, Bhakti Yoga and importance of Hindu goddess Durga Shakti via. dance performances in spite of being an active politician.


As per New Jersey based Indian leader Gaurang Vaishnav – once in USA Hema Malini was invited to a program to perform, the Indian community found sponsors of that program were Anti Indian agents disguised in proxy and requested Hema Malini to decline invitation. Hema Malini promptly declined that offer. She is a devout Hindu and patriot from core. Personalities with ingredients like ‘Being Devout Hindu’, ‘Unyielding to Communists, Islamists and Psedo Secularists Nexus’ and ‘Being Patriot’ invite wrath of influential Anti-Hindu media and NGO institutions in India. In this case the ‘true concealed rationale’ of this bullying was her patriotic personality and commitment for Hinduism, the ‘false public rationale’ being projected is a social cause ‘ the tragic unbothered death of a little girl’ – a modus operandi Communists are expert in. Communists will not attack you directly for the ideology they dislike, but will circumvent you with any  ‘social cause’ resultant of a collateral damage (as it gets mass appeal) and character assassinate you. For example, prominent writer and CPM party leader Brinda Karat once wrote an article Indian Army’s Shameful Treatment of Women Recruits – It wasn’t her concern for Indian Army’s women recruits treatment but her discontent on Indian Army neutralization of  Maoist (Communist Guerrillas) corridors across India. The ”true concealed rationale’ was ‘Her Discontent Over Maoists Neutralization” and “ Women Recruits” were made scapegoat for Indian Army character assassination.


NDTV – An institution in sync with hardened communist ideology made the little girl who died in the tragic accident a ‘Pawn’ to launch vicious character assassination attack on Hema Malini and deployed it’s allied network of NGO’s, activists, media syndicates and writers to launch an incessant multi dimensional attack on patriot Indian woman. NDTV – an institution operated by intellectuals of communist ideology should respect senior Indian women and not indulge in such low-priced media activism. NDTV is a professional media company and not an activist NGO by law and legality.Such immoral practices doesn’t suits their firm editorial and intellectual base.  NDTV actions for this scenario have ashamed worldwide senior citizens of Indian origin, global woman empowerment programs and the family of the deceased daughter – whom you have deployed as a ‘pawn’ in your proxy crusades against Hema Malini – a devout senior Hindu woman and patriot politician. 


About The Author:

Rahul Chandra is a Texas, USA based Hindu leader with more than a decade of social work experience in Hindu empowerment. He has volunteered for Hindu organizations working for social, politician empowerment of Hindus at global scale.  He is currently an Executive Board member of World Hindu Council Of America (VHPA) and ex- Hindu Mahasabha Of America Gen. Secy. In past he was national IT PMO head for GIBV – An organizations which mobilized global Indians for Hon. Indian PM Narendra Modi.He holds Masters in Engineering from USA and is currently Director – Business Development at Delaware based firm. He was awarded by Global Hindu Foundation as ‘Global Dharma Service Award’ for his social work on Pakistani Hindu Refugee Relief Program in India.




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