Project Empowering Women Via Sewing Machines Unit’s Skill Training Initiated at Jodhpurs Pakistan Hindu Refugee Camp Site


Jodhpur, Rajasthan (22 Oct. 15): Pakistani Hindu refugee relief program (PHRRP), an umbrella project of multiple US based Hindu organization today donated a sewing machine unit to Pakistani Hindu refugee camp based out of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. This program to empower Hindu women, who are skilled in sewing and can work, was envisioned by PHRRP global coordinator Ms. Kavita Tekchandani, who during her visits to many other social service organizations sites during her 2014 Indian visits, envisioned this sewing machine set up which will not only employ skilled Hindu women from Pakistani Sindh province, but also boosts clothing sewing business at refugee camps.

Govt. of India under PM Modi has directed intelligence and state governments to expedite the Visa and other legal requirements – which have greatly elevated the moral of Hindu refugees from Pakistan in India. Around 4500+ Hindu refugees have been given Indian citizenship and many other are able to open bank accounts, apply for Aadhar cards and Driving licences.


There is big unemployment issue among refugees, most of the women and men from Sindh are expert in handicraft and sewing. Many are already skilled craftsmen’s, carpenters, skilled labourers etc. While many men are able to venture into cities for labour work, women find themselves stuck at refugee camps. Women at camps have to take care of children and belongings as these are open refugee camps and resources needs to be guarded against burglars and animals.

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This sewing machine program will help women earn by stitching clothes for women, man and children at refugee camps itself. The refugee camp has a master who will train how to cut stich and assemble clothes for retail market. Jodhpur has big retail demand for traditional clothes as it’s a major tourist hub in Northern India.
Under this program, the raw material and clothes will be given by the retail market shop owners along with design specifications, the master will capture that requirement and collect clothes and bring that to refugee camps where four women will stich clothes. Later the stitched clothes will be sent back to market shop owners and charge is collected and women who worked a get paid on work hour or assignment basis as per the income earned for that assignment. The group leader will keep record and budgeting.

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The finance management will be managed by the group leader who will keep record and make sure that whoever worked gets paid accordingly. A part of the profits will go to the camp maintenance and other official work expenses etc. Current sewing machine unit will employ four women; there are around 200 women in the refugee camps, thus a space for 20-30 more sewing machine units.
The program thanks Vikram Parihar (Rajasthan Co-ordinator PHRRP) and Jodhpur VHP and Hindu Helpline members and volunteers for making this program a success.

You or your organization can donate or sponsor a sewing machine unit, PHRRP will appreciate it. For more options on donations or sponsorship in India or worldwide, please write to us at:




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Source: PHRRP