Pakistan Hindu urge Jatha leaders to take ashes of their dear ones to immerse in Ganga


AMRITSAR: Hindu families living in Pakistan have sought help from Jatha’s visiting Pakistan on various religious occasions to either help them in getting visa’s to visit Haridwar in India so they could immerse ashes of their dear ones in Ganga or themselves take the ashes kept in urns to India and perform their last rites. 

Banarsi Lal, a resident of Zafarwal village in Narowal district of Pakistan is one such Hindu who have kept ashes of his brother Kunti Lal in an urn waiting to get visa to India so he could visit Haridwar to immerse his ashes in Ganga for eternal transformation of his brother. 

“My brother had died 15 days ago , as par his last wishes I had applied for visa to visit Haridwar in India to perform his last rites there, but I haven’t heard anything so far from Indian high commission , I think , like other thousands of Hindu’s who have applied for visa to visit Haridwara, I also wouldn’t get one and have to wait endlessly” said Banarsi Lal while talking to TOI over phone from Zafarwal on Monday. 

Lal’s family had migrated to Pakistan during Indo Pak partition in 1947 however some of his relatives refused to migrate and are still living in Gurdaspur district. 

He said there were thousands of Hindu families who had kept urns filled with ashes of their dear ones hoping to get visa some day to visit Haridwar. 

He said he had contacted president of Nankana Sahib Sikh Yatree Jatha, Swaran Singh to help them get visa to travel to Haridwar. “We have contacted many Jatha leaders but haven received any help so far, neither we are getting any help from our government” he said. 

When contacted Swaran Singh confirmed having received request from Banarasi Lal. “It’s a very sentimental issue , after his request we held a meeting and decided to bring ashes of Hindu’s from Pakistan and immerse them in Ganga in Haridwara” he said . A video clippings of the last rites of the deceased one would also be sent to the concerned persons in Pakistan for their satisfaction, he added. 

Singh is leading a Sikh jatha to Pakistan on November 4th to celebrate the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev.

Source: The Times of India