Pakistan MMA organisers demand all-Hindu contingent from India

[​IMG]Organisers of a Mixed Martial Art event in Lahore demand an all-Hindu contingent from India for better ‘entertainment value’.

mixed martial arts tournament organised in Lahore only wants Hindu fighters in the Indian contingent to “create more promotion in media and people.”

The tournament, called Pak Fight Club and organised by Pakfornia Promotions in collaboration with the Pakistan government, has sent an invitation to the Bandra-based mixed martial arts training academy, Xtreme Fight Federation, but with a caveat.

Confirming this, academy head Sheikh Shafiq Ur Rehman said he had sent names of three boxers – two of which were Muslims. But Pakfornia’s operations director, Shahzaib Ahmed, has requested Shafiq through a chat message to send only Hindu fighters “because the names will create more promotion in the media.” 

The eighth edition of the event, to be held on March 29, has invited fighters from 10 countries, including United Kingdom, Morocco, the Phillipines, India, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Germany. The Indian fighters have been invited to this tournament for the first time.

Shafiq said, “About 80 per cent of my fighters are Muslims. I had initially selected two Muslim fighters. But later the organisers requested me to bring all Hindu fighters.”

The unusual request has left Shafiq “upset” and he contemplated pulling out of the event. But later he decided to field S Bala (21), Mohit Singh (18) and Udit Singh Thakur (22).

The three fighters, who have trained under Shafiq, will travel to Lahore and compete in three freestyle matches. 

Lahore-based Ahmed has agreed to have made such a request. “The people in Pakistan are very excited to watch the fights. We made this particular request only because it’s easier for the public to recognise and distinguish between the names of our own fighters. It is only for the purpose of entertainment,” said Ahmed.

MMA organisers demand all-Hindu contingent from India – The Times of India

Source: Pakistan Defence