Panun Kashmir International endorses Narendra Modi for Indian PM

modi_patna20131027Roseburg OR (USA)
April 17, 2014

The High Command of the Panun Kashmir International (PKI) has announced its decision to endorse and support the candidacy of Narendra Modi for the post of the next Prime Ministership of India. It appealed to all Kashmiri organizations, their members and all patriotic organizations through out the country to consolidate their ranks behind Modi in voting and supporting the candidates of BJP. Considering the circumstances through which the Hindu community of Kashmir is sailing and the uncertain, chaotic and corrupt conditions prevailing in India that would be the most patriotic thing to do. Modi is what India needs.

Modi and his team gives us a new hope, confidence and trust for regaining our homeland from where we were driven out by Islamist terrorists supported by Pakistan and the “sultan of Islamic Terrorism”, “Osama bin Laden”. It said that Modi Govt. was one of the front line regimes in Gujarat that actively supported our youth at their hour of need and in their education and employment. In many ways it even aided the struggle of Kashmiri Hindus to get justice when the federal and J&K Governments were showing cold shoulders.