Paras – A website dedicated to Hindu Youth launched in India

1Hindu nationalist website has been re-launched (as, earlier in March 2012 news had surfaced on various online media/forums that “Paras Rajput, considered to be one of the biggest pro Hindu websites, was attacked by hackers part of the Muslim Liberation Army. The hackers defaced the site as a form of protest against organizations that promote pro Hindu views” (As per report from VOGH which is a hackers monitoring news service). Hacking of was part of a list of websites (2300 total) hacked by anti-India Muslim hackers. Other websites hacked by the same Muslim group are Crime Investigation Department (CID) West Bengal website and Technology Development Board Govt. Of India website. Muslim Liberation Army operates under direct supervision with Pakistani intelligence ISI.


Meet Paras Rajput: A prominent Hindu Nationalist leader from India

Lately there have been many Hindu nationalist blogs cropping up in the cyber space, giving more voice to Hindus globally, but rarely the bloggers have used the Video-Audio Blogs as transmission medium and come out in the open to spread the message with great audacity. Such has been the case with Paras Rajput, whose name and message is pulsating the cyber pace and creating awareness among hundreds of Hindus. Paras Rajput contribution and support towards empowerment of Hindus and Hindu movement has been instrumental.

After hearing Paras Rajput foresight and vision of  Hindutva ideology and the way Hindus should protect, sustain and preserve Dharma, I remembered  verses of  Lord Krishna in Bhagawad Gita (Chapter –III), Karma Yoga is superior to Bhakti Yoga in a scenario when mankind is suffering from poverty, illness and unrighteousness. In current context the Hindus are facing attack from three ideologies – Islamic Jihad, Evangelical and & Communist, thus as per Gita, Hindus should become Karma Yogis (One who takes the path of action). In an age when most Hindus have renounced action and find solace in escapism, I see a true Karma Yogi in Paras Rajput.

The fervor and study exhibited in his oratory delivering speeches to audience comprising various sections of society. The devotion to Dharma and motherland done through charity, spreading awareness regarding Love Jihad, Hindutva and Islamic extremism using different platforms by being activist of Bajrang Dal, Bharat Jagruti Morcha, BJP, HJS, Hindu Helpline, has been a matter of great admiration.

Hindus of America wishes this great soul of Bharatmata the grace of Almighty always, and may he continue to awake the youth of Bharat, and may we see more Paras Rajputs among Hindus.