Patriarch of American Hindu Organizations, Dr. Mahesh Mehta Passes Away At 86

Dr. Maheshbhai Mehta

Dr. Maheshbhai Mehta

Dr. Maheshbhai Mehta’s Aatma has left his body for the onward journey today, December 14th at 11 AM, Bharat time (12:30 AM New York time.) after a protracted illness. Maheshbhai had just turned eighty-six.

There are not enough words to describe what Maheshbhai was. He was the pioneer of all Hindu movements in the USA. He founded Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America in 1970 and guided it for 45 years. He was instrumental in establishing Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, Overseas Friends of BJP, Indians For Democracy (IFD), Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation, Hindu Mandir Executives’ Conference (HEC) India Quality Group, and Global Indians for Bharat Vikas (GIBV) among many others.

A research scientist in the field of membrane technology, he held double doctorate degrees. His life was full of dedication and sacrifice. He constantly traveled all over the USA and visited many countries to awaken Hindu society. He inspired thousands of people to work for society and dharma. He was an excellent organizer and a formidable orator; he was a gifted writer. He has penned a book titled, Hindu Philosophy in Action, In Search of Universal Well-being tracing the journey of VHPA. Maheshhbai was also a close confidante of Bharat’s Prime Minister Shree Narendrabhai Modi for many years.

The President of Bharat awarded him Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award in 2017 for his Community Services. Within a span of seven months, VHPA has lost two of its brightest stars, Anjleebahen Pandya and now Maheshhbai Mehta. He leaves behind his Sah-Dharmacharini of more than 50 years, Raginibahen. It was Raginibahen’s tremendous sacrifice and support that made Maheshhbai a great man.



Gaurang Vaishnav, Senior Hindu American leader and Dr. Mahesh Mehta’s close confidante writes:

On a personal note,  for me, he was a father figure. It was through my interaction with him in April 1972 that I joined VHPA. He mentored me, tutored me, and trained me with love and a kind heart. I am indeed fortunate to have had the good fortune to work with him closely since I joined VHPA. He has left us in physical form, but he will live among us through the work of several inspired dedicated volunteers. We pray to Ishwara to grant Urdhwagati to Maheshbhai’s Aatma.


Rahul C. Sharma, President & Editor-in-Chief of World Hindu News:

I first met Dr. Mahesh Mehta in 2008 Atlanta, Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America Governing Council Meeting, I heard his speech and views and was touched by his passion for Hindu Human Rights and the vital role of Hindu Americans towards Global Hindu empowerment. He welcomed me with a smile, heard my views and provided suitable time for me to speak and appreciated. Dr. Mahesh Mehta was the Guru of my Guru’s like Gokul Kunnat ji, Gaurang Vaishnav ji , Dr. Abhya Asthana, Sh. Sanjay Mehta, and even Rajiv Varma, a top notch Hindu leader based in Houston was greatly inspired by him. I witnessed empowerment of Hindu organizations in America under his leadership. I have met him once at his Ahmedabad based home and he always welcomed his organizational associates with humility and gratitude. Senior or junior, he always replied to communications and never had any ego. He protected VHPA and other Hindu institutions from becoming a stooge of few business houses, who wished to dilute the Hindu movement in USA for vested interests and instead, provided a platform of opportunities for sincere activists and volunteers. All Hindu’s, irrespective of geographical region, will greatly miss this legendary and father of American Hindu movement. We were his sincere. loyal and obedient soldiers – he was our supreme commander of absolute authority. An incredible brilliant intellectual. He played an important role in ensuring Indian PM Narendra Modi ji victory in 2014, whose regime is trying it’s best to save India from Jihadists, Communists, far right evangelical forces nefarious breaking India agenda.

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