Patriot Forum’s Open Letter To Indian PM On ‘Religious Intolerance’

Patriots Forum

Attention: to Shri Narendra Modi

February 18, 2015
The Prime Minister,
Government of India,
New Delhi.

Subject: PM Warns Fanatics

Manyabar Pradhan Mantriji,

All Press today (February 18) frontlined in their dailies your clear statement and resolve on ensuring religious freedom in the country. We quote from “The Statesman” of February 18:

• “We can¬not ac¬cept vi¬o¬lence against any re¬li¬gion on any pre¬text and I strong¬ly con¬demn such vi¬o¬lence. My gov¬ern¬ment will act strong¬ly in this re¬gard,” said Mr Modi at a Chris¬ti¬an func¬tion or-gan¬ised here as “national celebration” of the el¬e¬va¬tion to saint-hood of Kur¬ia¬kose El¬ias Cha¬vara and Moth¬er Eu¬phra¬sia.
• “My gov¬ern¬ment will en¬sure that there is com¬plete free¬dom of faith and that ev¬ery¬one has the un¬de¬ni¬a¬ble right to re¬tain or adopt the re¬li¬gion of his or her choice with¬out co¬er¬cion or un-due in¬flu¬ence,” PM Modi, speak¬ing in Eng¬lish, as¬ser¬ted. “Mine will be a gov¬ern¬ment that gives equal re¬spect to all re¬li¬gions,” Mr Modi main¬tained. “India is the land of Bud¬dha and Gan¬dhi. Equal re¬spect for all re¬li¬gions must be in the DNA of ev¬ery In¬di-an.”

Additionally, most of the newspapers have also come out with clear Editorials on your “breaking silence” on this and other related issues. Sir, it could not have been more correct when you said:”India is the land of Buddha and Gandhi. Equal Respect for all religions must be in the DNA of everyone”.
Honourable, Sir, we do hope your message will be made equally applicable to all religions, especially including those belonging to the two big Abrahamic religions, namely, Christians and Muslims, who between them have looted the country, pillaged it and have converted a large chunk of Hindus, both among the educated and primarily among the Hindu (many animist) tribals. Unlike the majority or original inhabitants of the land, that is, the Hindus, both the two religions strongly believe in proselytisation in increasing their ranks. The Muslim brothers are scripturally bound to convert non-believers to Islam, if and when necessary by force, the Christian friends believe more in resorting to falsehood, all sorts of chicanery, such as, maligning Hindu gods and goddesses and offering financial baits and what not. Now that you have spoken clearly, we do sincerely hope these two communities will also listen to or abide by your advice and the Indian police/administration will apply your clear instructions evenly. Sir, this aspect is causing us anxiety.
Manyabarji, that is only one aspect of the situation. May we, along with this, urge you to look into the million dollar what could be called as the scandal, initiated by the UPA government but being perpetuated under your government as well in doling out most discretionary benefits to the so-called minority communities, denying the same to the more deserving and poorer sections of the majority Hindu, especially in the rural areas?
That the UPA government, through the machination of the politically planned Sachar Committee Report, had organised crores of rupees to be given to the minority communities, is now widely known. In many ways, it has perhaps come to be the biggest scandal, being perpetuated through legally unlawful means! Even after all these months, the same “ill-gotten” doles are being continued. Sir, we would strongly urge you to get this decision reversed at the earliest. The general public have already started thinking and believing that the rare majority government of yours have also started playing the well-entrenched vote -bank politics.
Manyabarji, representing the vox populi, we can humbly but with confidence tell you that this one lacunae on the part of your government has been causing serious dissatisfaction and also the almost concomitant but easily avoidable disaffection among the largest block of your supporters.
Manyabarji, earlier also you had indicated your mind that your government will treat everybody equally. And with your recent (February 17) statement, the Hindus should now have the confidence to start believing that they are not the second-grade and comparatively least benefited group of people in their own country, namely, the Hindusthan. Sir, the Hindus in India need your protection.

Yours sincerely,

D.C. Nath
(Former Spl. Director, IB)
(President, Patriots’ Forum)

PM warns fanatic-The Statesman

Copy to:
National Security Advisor
Shri Ajit Doval
The Union Home Minister
Shri Rajnath Singh
The Union Home Secretary
Shri Anil Goswami,

Yours sincerely,

D.C. Nath
(Former Spl. Director, IB)
(President, Patriots’ Forum)

Source: Patriot Forum

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