‘Pavankhinda’ campaign in memory of Naraveer & oath of establishment of Hindu Rashtra taken

hjshdrKolhapur (Maharashtra), 9th July – Naraveer Shiva Kashid sacrificed his life for protecting Shiva Chhatrapati when he wore similar dress as that of Chhatrapati so that Chhatrapati could slip out of the siege of Siddhi Johar; whereas Baji Prabhu and Phulaji Prabhu Deshpande fought till their last breath, to save ‘Ghodakhind’.

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) undertakes, along with other pro-Hindu organizations and devout Hindus, ‘Pavankhinda’ campaign every year in memory of sacrifice and valour of these brave warriors. This year, such drive will be undertaken on 13th July at Malakapur and Pavankhinda. Shri. Prasad Kulkarni of HJS has made an appeal to Hindus to join the said drive in large number while addressing a press conference held at Hotel International on 8th July 2014. Dr. Mansingh Shinde of HJS said, “This is the 6th year of such drive.” Pujya (Kum.) Swati Khadye of Sanatan Sanstha, Shri. Milind Tanavade, area-chief of ‘Shri Shiva-Pratishthan’, Sangli and Shri. Ramesh Shinde, the national spokesperson of HJS will guide in a public program arranged in Sri Vitthal Mandir area.    

QA session in press conference :

1. What does HJS want to achieve through such program ?

Answer : The main purpose behind this campaign is to offer gratitude towards the brave warriors who sacrificed their life for ‘Hindavi Swarajya’, to create awareness amongst people towards attacks on Hindu Dharma and to motivate Hindus to become active in lawful manner.

2. Why do you criticize followers of other religions ?

Answer : The only goal of HJS is to establish Hindu Rashtra. HJS does not criticize anyone; but it is creating awareness amongst people; it is exposing oppression of Hindus by followers of other religions. Serious issue like ‘love jihad’ has to be presented before people.

3. What is the outcome of such drive ?

Answer : Today’s self-centered Hindus will be awakened and united with the help of such drives.

4. Pro-Hindu organizations always make hue and cry about their religious sentiments. It is claimed all the time that religious sentiments are hurt, Is it proper ?

Answer : HJS never thrusts its opinion and views on anyone; but it emphasizes on ideological awareness; it presents facts before people and motivates Hindus to become active. It needs to be brought forth, with unity, that Hindus’ religious sentiments also have value.

Outline of campaign

* ‘Palakhi Sohala’ : at 9.30 a.m.

* Public program : At 11.30 a.m. at Sri Vitthal Mandir, Malakapur, Taluka Shahuwadi, Dist. Kolhapur

* Pavankhinda drive : at 3.00 p.m. Reviving memory of Bajiprabhu Deshpande at ‘Pavankhinda’ and oath of establishment of Hindu Rashtra will be taken

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti