Permanent Secretariat Proposed for Hindus Worldwide

A panoramic view of the audience at the evening plenary session on the first day of the congress.

INDIA, September 12, 2018 (India Herald): Hindus worldwide should become more visible as positive change makers in their respective countries they call home, wherever they may be today, is the main consensus emerging from World Hindu Congress 2018, Dr. Abhaya Asthana, convener of the conference said at the concluding session in Sunday. The Hindu Political Conference, a subset of the World Hindu Congress 2018, has suggested the need for a permanent secretariat in the US or UK for the cause of Hindu rights around the globe. To accomplish this task, a group of eminent persons will be recruited. The political conference highlighted the importance of asserting a strong political voice especially in countries like the Caribbean, Fiji and the African countries, and developing young political leaders. A dynamic digital database of all political leaders by country is to be developed.

To create awareness about atrocities committed against Hindus around the world, Hindu youth should leverage their social media skills, speak out against biased portrayals of Hindus, educate emerging politicians on the effective use of media and identify the key roadblock to Hindu youth in embracing their Hindu identity proudly. Freeing temples from the control of the government and an operational mechanism to reach out to unreached areas as well as how Hindu activism in the US can be replicated elsewhere were the outcomes of the Hindu organizational conference.

Source: India Herald