PHHR Program Donates Scooter to Pakistani Hindu Refugee Camp


Pakistan Hindu Refugee Project donated a scooter to Pakistan Hindu refugee camp based at Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The registration and driving documents are registered in the name of ex- Pakistani refugee who is now an Indian citizen. The owner of the scooter will help Pakistani Hindu refugee for medical, travel assistance. In past there was a serious problem for urgent medical treatment travel to hospital emergency rooms as there is no bus / taxi connectivity to the current refugee camps. Also for food / utilities and items of daily sustenance requests and visits to administration offices for legal documentation etc.  to others had to made. Weeks ago an old woman needed urgent medical attention and scooter was handy at 2.00 am in morning. The nearest bus stand to current refugee camp based at Bappu Temple is 4 KM and auto – rickshaw don’t ply there.

Source: Pakistan Hindu Refugee Relief