PM Modi should impose ‘nationwide ban’ on cow slaughter: Ramdev


To avoid ‘blood bath over beef eating’, PM Modi should ban cow slaughter nationwide: Baba Ramdev.

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev has said that PM Modi should impose nationwide ban on cow slaughter. (Arun Sharma / Hindustan Times).

HENB | New Delhi | Oct 9, 2015:: World renowned Yoga guru Ramdev today said that the “bloodbath” over the beef issue can be stopped if Prime Minister Narendra Modi imposed a “nationwide ban” on cow slaughter. The yoga guru said that if Samajwadi Party could do it in Uttar Pradesh, PM Modi can effect a similar order for the rest of the country.

“Someone who is called ‘Mulla’ Mulayam Singh Yadav, under his leadership (Chief Minister) Akhilesh Yadav has imposed a complete ban on cow slaughter in Uttar Pradesh. No one can slaughter cows and calves in UP.

“A party called a Muslim appeasement party, if that party can impose a ban on cow slaughter in the state, then respected Modiji, too, can impose a nationwide ban,” he said during an event here.

Yoga icon Ramdev, seen as a virtual campaigner of Modi, said that even UP minister Azam Khan had also said it would be a good thing if the prime minister were to impose a complete ban on cow slaughter.

“If a complete ban is imposed on cow slaughter, then this bloody debate and bloodbath being played out over cow meat (beef) in India can be stopped,” he said as he termed the killing of both human beings and cow a “crime”.

Ramdev had previously demanded that cow be made the national animal.

The yoga guru’s comments come against the backdrop of the lynching of Mohammed Iqlakh over rumors of beef consumption in Dadri in UP’s Greater Noida on September 28.

While asked what would be his position while Bihar CM Nitish Kumar claims that ‘Beef exports up by 15% under Modi Govt‘, Yoga Guru skipped this question immediately with a readymade reply that ‘it might only be verified with available statistics’.

When the matter of Nitish Kumar’s claim of ‘Modi’s bluff to give Rs 15 lakhs to every Indian’s bank account from black money kept n foreign banks‘ is asked, Baba Ramdev said, ‘Central Govt run by PM Modi must keep their election promises and must be more active to return the foreign black money in India’.

Courtesy: PTI | Hindustan Times.