Police brutally beat up devotees of Hindu’s Holy Asaramji Bapu in Jodhpur

Jodhpur (Rajasthan) : On the occasion of ‘Avataran Din’ of H. H. Asaramji Bapu on 20th April 2014, Jodhpur police brutally beat up devotees of H. H. Bapuji gathered there from all over the country.Women and children have been injured in this beating.

  1. On the occasion of ‘Avataran Din’ of H. H. Asaramji Bapu, his devotees had organized ‘Sankeertan’ program on 20th April.
  2. Lot of devotees had gathered at Jodhpur; but police cancelled permission for the program at the last minute and cane-charged devotees, brutally beating them.
  3. Police suddenly started beating devotees, who had gathered in front of prison for Bapuji’s ‘darshan’; arrested few of them and detained them in jail.

Action to be taken by Hindus in case of police beating !

  • Note down names of such police and their buckle no.
  • If a pro-Hindu activist is getting beaten up by police, he will not be in a position to write down such details; therefore, other activists present there can note down these details.
  • If such incident takes place, inform nearest office of ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat”.
  • Lodge a complaint with senior police officer against police involved in beating.
  • Follow up the matter till action is taken against such police by keeping on lodging complaint with next senior officers.

Keep the fire of vengeance burning till such policemen are punished !

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat