Police call up for inquiry of HJS member in the midnight to get information on Dharmasabha

Had police made inquiry of terrorists in such manner, this country would have been freed of terrorism by now !

A police constable recently called up a member of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) on his cell phone, in the middle of the night at 12.15 a.m. in one city and asked for information about Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha.

The conversation that took place between them is given below.

Police : Your members are sticking posters. Have you taken permission for the ‘sabha’ ?
HJS Member : HJS carries on its activities in lawful manner; therefore, permission has been taken for Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha.

Police : We want a copy.
HJS Member : I stay at…. It is difficult to come at this time (12.45 a.m.) There is a copy of permission at police station. There is also signature for acknowledging receipt with the concerned police station.

Police : I am calling from ….police station. We do not have such copy.
HJS Member : The venue of the ‘sabha’ is under … police station and permission has been obtained from that police station.

Police : You are right; they might have a copy. (He must not have realized that the above area was not under jurisdiction of his police station) You have been called by the senior officer to police station tomorrow.
HJS Member : Can you tell me the reason ?

Police : Senior officer has called so you will have to come.

On the following day at 11.00 a.m. ….met police constable when the following conversation took place.

Police : Permission is required to be taken to stick posters and that has not been taken but it is necessary. 
HJS Member : Nobody has told us so far that permission was required for even sticking posters.

Police : Last week, Supreme Court has passed verdict that posters should not be pasted. You come and meet our senior.

Constable and HJS member went to meet the senior police officer. Constable explained the matter to him; followed with the conversation as given below.

Police Officer : Why are you doing all these things ? Have you taken permission?
HJS Member : It is for unification of Hindus; make people aware about various attacks taking place against nation and Dharma and to impart Dharma-shikshan. Permission has been taken.

Police Officer : There is a Supreme Court order prohibiting display of posters without permission; therefore, do not stick posters and hoardings. If you want to display, take permission of Municipal Corporation.
HJS Member : We were not aware of this. Next time, we shall be careful.

Then HJS member went to the concerned police station to meet the Police Inspector (PI). There was a policeman in plain clothes who asked, “There is no name, no subject mentioned on posters, then how do we know who are the organizers of the program?”
HJS Member : There is name of HJS and number also on the posters and we have taken permission from police.

The policeman kept quiet and they went to meet PI.

Police Inspector : What is the program about ?
HJS Member : It is Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha.

Police Inspector : What was the meeting held in a temple for? How many people were there ?
HJS Member : There were about 15-16 persons.

Police Inspector : Are your meetings held similar to meetings of sadhvis ?
HJS Member : No. Few organizations and ‘Mandals’ come together and decide about such ‘sabhas’ and that meeting was also taken for the same purpose.

Police Inspector : How many people are expected to attend this ‘sabha’?
HJS Member : About 400 people are expected.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat