PoliTalk’s YouTube Channel Taken Down After Video Exposing Dravidoid Karu Palaniappan Goes Viral


The popular YouTube channel PoliTalk’s has been taken down by YouTube after a copyright complaint was filed by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. The complaint was registered by AiPlex, a company known for its online reputation management, content protection, and digital marketing solutions.

PoliTalk’s gained significant popularity for its content that aimed to debunk lies and hypocrisies of Dravidianists, garnering a large following of viewers.

The channel recently faced targeted harassment due to its criticism of a Tamil talk show on Zee TV, specifically the show Tamizha Tamizha, hosted by leftist and Dravidian Stockist cinema director Karu Palaniappan.

The controversial episodes of the show covered topics such as “Marriage vs. Living Together” and “Traditional Women vs. Feminists,” sparking heated debates and discussions.

In the name of women empowerment, the show’s anchor was allegedly propagating Dravidian ideologies and influencing women to take the wrong path.

PoliTalk’s openly criticised several of these episodes, which went viral and amassed over a million views each. The public outcry resulting from these videos compelled Zee TV to replace the anchor and address the content-related concerns raised by viewers in March 2023.

In May 2023, AiPlex, on behalf of Zee TV, shared a deletion request with PoliTalk’s.

However, as YouTube permits criticism and review of content shown elsewhere, the videos were not removed.

Frustrated by this, AiPlex then went on to report specific videos on PoliTalk’s’ YouTube channel. Under YouTube’s policies, if a channel receives a minimum of three copyright strikes, it is disabled or shut down unless the infringing content is removed.

In this case, six videos featuring Karu Palaniappan’s content from the talk show were marked for copyright claims, ultimately leading to the channel’s disabling.

Who Is Karu Palaniappan?

Karu Palaniappan was formerly a Tamil cinema director and is the son of politician Pala Karuppaiah who is known for hopping from one party to another (AIADMK, DMK, Kamal Haasan’s MNM, to name a few). He is Dravidian Stockist and identifies himself as a ‘Periyarist’, a follower of rabid anti-Hindu demogogue EV Ramasamy Naicker.

Palaniappan is known for peddling canards against Hindus especially Tamil Brahmins.

The case sparks a broader conversation on the balance between copyright protection and freedom of speech in the digital realm.

The PoliTalks community, along with their dedicated followers, eagerly awaits further developments in this matter, hoping for a fair resolution that upholds the principles of transparency and open dialogue.

Source: The Commune