Possibility of attack by hired goons on Sanatan’s ashram at Ramnathi (Goa)

Reliable sources have released information that a plot is being hatched to attack Sanatan’s Ramnathi ashram using hired goons the next couple of days. Few anti-social elements, who are residents of Varbhat, Kavale, vandalized the premises of Sanatan Ashram on Narak Chaturdashi this year (22nd October). The local crowd had pressurized police so they avoided taking action against the culprits. A mob supporting these antisocial elements even made rounds in front of the Ashram to create terror in the area. Saurabh Lotlikar, who supports the attackers, even told the media that local residents would be demanding in the ‘Gram-sabha’ that they did not want Sanatan’s Ashram in the area and they would be submitting a representation to that effect to the Government.   So far no one has been arrested in connection with the attack. There is possibility of a similar attack being effected through hired goons for pressurizing the Ashram as local hooligans could be nabbed easily if they carried such attack again. The safety of seekers, other material, equipment etc. therefore, is in danger as these hired goons can enter the Ashram, manhandle seekers and damage ashram material. As such the Ashram management has requested the State Chief Minister, Shri. Manohar Parrikar; local MLA Shri. Sudin Dhavalikar; Inspector General of Police, Superintendent of Police (North Goa) and Dy. Superintendent of Police, Ponda to promptly ensure security arrangements for protection of seekers and the Ashram.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat



25 Oct 2014,  Kartik Shukla Paksha Tritiya, Kaliyug Varsh 5116

Submit a full report of attack on Sanatan Ashram to the NIA – Sanatan Sanstha’s demand to North Goa Police IG

Ramnathi – On 22nd October, a group pf youth (from Varbhat, Kavlem) returning from a Narakasur effigy competition tried to forcibly drive their truck (bearning registration GA-02 U5004) into the Ashram premises. This was done with the intention of burning the Narakasur effigy in the compound, thereby creating fear and panic in the minds of the seekers. They were accompanied by 25-30 youth carrying iron bars and sticks. This group of youth deliberately disturbed the peace in Ashram and the area surrounding it.  Sanatan Sanstha has appealed to the North Goa Police IGP to submit a full report of the incident to the NIA, to investigate this terrorist activity (which comes under the purview of UAPA).

The memorandum submitted by Sanatan Sanstha states that Sanatan Sanstha has been initiating a campaign constitutionally against the malpractices noticed during various festivals since last 14 years. Sanatan Sanstha along with like minded organizations have submitted petitions to the Government about the ill-effects of the malpractices in the tradition of burning the effigies of Narkasur. Some of the concerns raised by Sanatan Sanstha are that such activities create accidents  (due to oversized effigies), traffic obstruction, extortion by waylaying people, burning the effigies on roads, altercations, fights under the influence of liquor, etc. Therefore some anti-social elements, who favour the acts described above, are targeting the people who act as per the guidance given by Sanatan Sanstha.

There is a big class in the Society acting as per the guidance given by Sanatan Sanstha. These miscreants try to create terror among these followers of Sanatan. Since this comes under the purview of terrorism laws, its investigation should be done by NIA. Please take the note that, it is also mandatory that the information of this kind of act has to be given by the local police officer to NIA within 48 hours as per the law. Hence after submitting the report of the said incident with details to NIA, let the investigation be done.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

23 October 2014

Goa : Anti-social elements attack Sanatan’s Ashram in the early morning of ‘Narak Chaturdashi’

Miscreants forcibly enter ashram premises and beat seekers with sticks, iron bars and stones, damaging many things from ashram

Earthen pots damaged by miscreants in ashram premises

On 22nd October 2014 at about 5.30- 6.00 a.m. a group of young men from Kawale, who had taken part in the competition of burning effigy of Narakasur, entered Sanatan’s ashram premises and beat up seekers with stick, iron bars and stones. They damaged earthen pots with plants kept in the premises. Four seekers have been injured and gold chain of one seeker has been snatched away. Information about such attack was given to police patrolling the area; but the social miscreants ran away before police reached the place of incident. Shri. Veerendra Marathe, Managing Trustee of Sanatan Sanstha has lodged a complaint with Ponda police station.

Attack by anti- social elements – Sequence of events

1. A group of young men participating in the competition of burning effigy of Narakasur came in a vehicle with registration no. GA-02-U-5004 and tried to force entry in the ashram. There were about 25-30 young men with them. Some of them carried iron bars and sticks. The group tried to forcibly drive the truck in the ashram, along with effigy of Narakasur so as to create terror and disturbing peace of the ashram.

2. Shri. Suresh Kadam, a seeker was sweeping the premises at that time; when the group attacked him and one man slapped Shri. Kadam very hard under his right ear. The men abused him and started kicking his stomach. As a result, Shri. Kadam fainted and fell down hurting himself near his right eye. He has been admitted to hospital for severe stomach pain.

3. Another seeker, Shri. Umesh Gowda saw this and went where Shri. Kadam was being beaten up. The hooligans pushed him on the ground with the intention of creating pandemonium. They were abusing Shri. Gauda and tore off his clothes. Shri. Umesh Gauda started shouting for help when other two seekers, Shri. Surjeet Mathur and Shri. Sagar Mhatre rushed outside to check what was happening.

4. Two of the hooligans caught hold of Shri. Surjeet and one thrashed him. His clothes were also torn off and he was pulled towards the vehicle. The social miscreants were shouting to crush him under the wheel of the vehicle. 3-4 hooligans beat up Shri. Sager Mhatre with stick and iron bar. One of the hooligans snatched gold chain from Shri. Mhatre’s neck that weighed 15 grams.

5. One of the hooligans threw earthen pot at a seeker.

6. Shri. Umesh Gauda, Shri. Surjeet Mathur, Shri. Sagar Mhatre and Shri. Suresh Kadam have sustained serious injuries on various parts of body.

Tension and terror in and around ashram area    

1. These anti-social elements damaged many things from the ashram and created terror in and around ashram area. About 40 aged persons are staying in this ashram.

2. The anti-social elements have broken many earthen pots kept in ashram area with plants for beautification of ashram.

3. They also broke 15 watts CFL lamp fitted near entrance of the ashram.   

4. Seekers informed police over phone after which police patrolling the area came near ashram; but by that time, all anti-social elements had fled.

5. Police asked seekers details about the attack and took injured seekers for medical checkup.

6. As police went away, one hooligan came back on a scooter, abused seekers standing near the entrance using very foul language and threatened to come again and beat them up.   

7. Shri. Veerendra Marathe, Managing Trustee of Sanatan Sanstha requested police to deploy staff for security of seekers since there is possibility of those miscreants once again coming to ashram and resort to vandalizing. 

Shri. Sagar Mhatre injured in attack by miscreants in Sanatan ashram

Persons attacking Sanatan ashram at Ramnathi, Goa should be immediately arrested ! – Anand Rajput, Shiv Sena

Miraj (Maharashtra) : ‘ On behalf of Shiv Sena, I condemn the incident which took place on 22nd October morning, when miscreants forcibly entered Sanatan ashram and beat up residents of ashram with sticks, iron bars and stones.  A spiritual and pro-Hindu organization that is working at national level for protection of Hindu Dharma was attacked in such manner which is very shocking not only for the State of Goa but for everyone. Such kind of incident is not expected to occur especially in a BJP-led State. The concerned persons entering ashram and attacking its residents should be immediately arrested and thorough investigations should be carried out. I am making this demand on behalf of Shiv Sena’, said Shri. Anand Rajput, the festival committee chief of Shiv Sena.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti