Praise be upon the new Hindu Helpline. Very local rates apply

Praise be upon him. Praveen Togadia (PBUH) has launched a Hindu Helpline (HH). With members of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, of which Togadia (PBUH) is the international working president, being utilised for the purpose, HH is a reach-out-over-the-phone facility for each and every Indian as long as they happen to be Hindu.

Having tried, quite unsuccessfully, to establish that 80.44 per cent of Indians who fall under the coverage of being Hindu are a harassed and victimised lot, Togadia (PBUH) has finally done the smarter thing: provide a platform for those Hindus who perceive themselves to be harassed or victimised and make them get in touch.

So who you gonna call if someone in your nice Hindu neighbourhood is planning to rent out his flat to a Muslim, or if a bunch of chaps whom you’ve managed to identify as Christians are bugging your Hindu daughter? No, not the Ghostbusters, but HH! And that’s not all.

The sweet thing is that HH also provides tips and suggestions for those who need to enquire about certain aspects of Hindu rituals and practices. We, for one, want to know what the correct Hindu way of turning off our computer is.

All this and much more will now be answered and acted upon by this wonderful Hindu-friendly entity launched by the nice Togadia-saab. Praise be upon him!

Source: The Economic Times