President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad Praveen Togadia wants ban on goat slaughter on Bakrid


International Working President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad Praveen Togadia, has asked the government to ban goat slaughtering during Bakrid.

Addressing the media he said that while the government has banned Jallikattu and cockfights to prevent violence against animals, the same must be applied to goats as well as several of them are slaughtered during just one festival of Bakrid.
“Even this violence must be stopped,” Togadia opined.

Speaking about the construction of Ram Mandir, he said that earlier the opposition Congress was in power and there was need of protests to demand the construction of the Mandir.

Now that Modi, a Hindu activist is in power, there is no need to demand, he said adding he has faith in his ‘elder brother’ Modi that the latter would take a decision in favour of the Hindus.


Togadia further said that the VHP will not take the issue any further until the Uttar Pradesh elections are over.

Source: Indian Police News