Press Conference addrssed by Dr. Agnishekhar & Dr. Ajay of Panun Kashmir


Press brief of Press Conference addressed by Dr. Agnishekhar, Convenor Panun Kashmir and Dr. Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman Panun Kashmir at Press club Jammu on 22 March, 2016:
1. We appeal to Government of India to clearly reject Agenda of Alliance as the basis of any political alliance for the government formation in the state. Any dithering on the subject will undermine further the national resolve and efforts to meet the challenge of armed fundamentalist separatism in the state.
2. It is now amply clear that the Agenda of Alliance has become a tool of political blackmail to force a compromise which will jeopardize national integrity and sovereignty.
3. It is high time that government of India realizes that accommodating soft-separatism or half way separatism has only resulted in widening the reach of separatism and fundamentalism in the state. It has nourished a separatist polity in the state. Last but not the least it has created a subversive order which has been weakening the state from within.
4. Panun Kashmir had warned that an alliance in the state based on a document like Agenda of Alliance will prove to be a deadly embrace for BJP. It has proved to be so in less than a year. The ruling party in the Centre is now in one of its worst predicaments in the state.
5. The grip of radical Islam on the organs of society in Kashmir and parts of Jammu is growing with each day. The terrorist campaigns in the state show a brazen affiliation with global terrorist campaigns.
6. We are witnessing a two pronged Intifada in which terrorist attacks are simultaneously complimented with public mobilizations. . Government of India should take notice that terrorist regimes are attacking across the International Border. They are attacking the military targets and government establishments. In such a scenario having a government in the state that is sympathetic and helpful to separatist and fundamentalist cause will prove again to be suicidal.
7. Panun Kashmir wants government of India to realize that PDP had subjected the elections in the state to the sanction of government of Pakistan. They subjected the formation of government on the basis of Agenda of Alliance to the sanction of Hurriyat. Now they are using the government formation as an instrument to force a compromise with the separatist cause.

8. Government of India cannot ignore the fact that separatist cadres have successfully infiltrated our educational system. They have successfully integrated with fissiparous and separatist elements in rest of India. The JNU episode is an eye opener. That Kashmiri students who raised seditious and Pro-Pak slogans in JNU are still free will only encourage seditious and secessionist tendencies in Jammu and Kashmir as well as rest of India.
9. There is no space for ambivalence. There is no space for any political expediency. Situation in the state is deteriorating fast that any soft-pedaling with separatism will prove to be disastrous.
10. Panun Kashmir also urges Government of India to take the issues concerning the internally displaced Hindus of Kashmir more seriously and desist from trivializing them. Propping up mercenary elements and encouraging disintegration will only demoralize the resistance against separatism in the state.
11. Government of India should be wise enough now to see that Hindus of Kashmir are not only struggling to fight the forces of genocide and reclaim their homeland in the form of Union territory north and east river Jhelum in Kashmir , but are also in the forefront of correcting the national discourse on nationalism and patriotism.
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Source: World Hindu News (WHN)