PRESS RELEASE : ‘Hindu Ratna’ Conferred by Hindu Help Line Upon Badminton Guru P. Gopichand & Agriculturists Dr R K Pathak & Dr R A Ram NEW! ‘PraTo Krishi Ratna to a Farmer Family for Organic Farming

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Karnavati (Ahmedabad), April 25, 2015

To celebrate 4th Anniversary of Hindu Help Line, a 24 X 7 emergency help line, the coveted ‘Hindu Ratna’ were conferred upon the Badminton legend Pullela Gopichand. The Agriculturists Dr R K Pathak & Dr Ram too have been given ‘Hindu Ratna’. Hindu Ratna is given to people who do significant contribution for the society & do the nation proud in the fields of Art, Culture, Science, Industry, Sports, Economics, Tribal Welfare etc. Earlier the Hindu Ratnas were conferred upon noted actor Sharad Ponkshe, Cave Art expert Dr Yashodhar Mathpal, Dr Vinod Kumar for Tribal welfare, Vishnu Hari Dalmiya, Dr Subramanian Swamy, Nana Palkar Smriti Samiti & Smt Sunanda Patwardhan.

Speaking on the occasion Dr Pravin Togadia, VHP International Working President said, “Helping Hindus in any emergency is important. No section of Hindus or individual Hindus should suffer just because help wasn’t available in time in emergencies like health, blood, accident, travel, natural calamities etc. This yr farmers in our country are facing such emergencies. HHL thinks positive & therefore, HHL is trying to help farmers in doing what they do best – Farming – in an Organic, Bio-Dynamic ways for better yield with less water & in smaller farms too. HHL also appeals all to come ahead & pay fees of at least one child of the distressed farmer. HHL will facilitate it. In 2013 too HHL had stood up & helped drought affected farmers in Maharashtra get tankers of water, fees & fodder camps for cows & bulls.” Dr Togadia added, “While excelling in any field, having feet deep rooted in our glorious traditions is strength. Pullela Gopichand is a glaring example of a Hindu Darshan personified with his utmost respect for Yog, Surya Namaskaar, cows & ancient scriptures. We salute P. Gopichand for his commitment to build this strength in kids while coaching them Badminton. Dr R K Pathak ji is not only an agriculturist but he has also deeply experimented on Agnihotra Krishi, impact of 5 elements on various crops & its application today. Dr R A Ram ji, an expert in Organic Bio-Dynamic Krishi, has hands on worked with thousands of farmers helping them get better yield. Hindu Help Line is glad to have these 3 great personalities here.

“The special ‘PraTo Krishi Ratna’ started this time is to recognize the creative Organic farming implemented by a simple farmer family in a small village Limbdi in Saurashtra. This award will continue every yr for a farmer family. It is every Hindu’s duty to protect Hindu safety, prosperity & dignity.”

Dr R K Pathak ji said, “Ancient Bharat had great systems like Agnihotra, Panchaang Krishi etc. It helps farmers even today get good yield. There is a fashion these days to discard all that is ancient & traditional. It is dangerous to the ecological balance & will result into destruction of human beings. We should learn from our past & innovate.” Dr. R A Ram ji said, “Chemical fertilizers & pesticides have damaged our soil. Organic farming maintains soil health & helps farmers get good crop longer with less water. I am glad that HHL recognized its importance.” Shri P Gopichand ji said, “Every child has great potential within. She /he should be helped with care into becoming not only a great sportsperson, but also a compassionate human being respecting our glorious culture. Material success is temporary; but the social impact of a grand tradition like that of Bharat’s lasts for ages! I am glad to see the 24 X 7 help given by Hindu Help Line.” New ‘PraTo Krishi Ratna’ farmer Dhanjibhai Chavda family explained why & how they switched over to Organic farming using cow dung & cow urine & how they got the best crop & profits.

Hindu Help Line since its launch has helped over 1.5 lakh people in their emergencies by attending to their calls on its national numbers 020 -66803300 & 075886 82181 and has over 1,20,000 volunteers all Bharat. HHL annual corporate diary was unveiled. Chief Guest Shri Mohanlal ji Agrawal wished all the best to a great work by HHL. Renowned dignitary Shri Babulal ji Shekhani stressed on the importance of Bharateeya culture. HHL National President CA Ranjeet Natu ji explained the Diary concept. Present on the stage were respected Saints & VHP office bearers.


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