Prez Nisha goes on Temple tour in Chennai with SRK, India 2016


Prez Nisha goes on temple tour in Chennai with SRK, India 2016 (pics)

HSAI President Nisha Ramracha has moved on to the 2nd stop in her 2016 spiritual tour of India, she is now in Chennai, the capital of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.  Nisha took some time to meet up with HSAI member Sivaramakrishnan (aka SRK) who took her on a tour of his local Shiva temple.  SRK has done many temple tours for HSAI in the past (see herehere and here). The Dhenupureeswarar Temple located in the Chennai district of Madambakkam is more than 1000 years old and was constructed in 971 CE by King  Parantaka Chola II of the Chola Dynasty. Per legend, the temple is located over the site where an ancient Hindu sage named Kapila was punished for improperly worshiping Shiva’s lingam image using his left hand. Sage Kapila was reincarnated as a cow, but remained faithful to Lord Shiva and used the milk from his utter to sacrifice at Shiva’s lingam alter.  Lord Shiva was impressed with Kapila’s devotion and so forgave the errant sage and blessed him with moksha, liberation from this world. King Parantaka Chola II supposedly dreamed of this legend and constructed the temple over the spot.  After touring the Temple, Nisha and SRK took some lunch at the luxurious Grand Chola hotel.  Taxi service for the tour was provided by Hindu based M.D. Travels.  Pictures below.

The Temple Tour

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