Priority on Hindu Development is mandatory for Indian prosperity

Development of Hindus must for India’s prosperity: RSS chief Bhagwat

bhagwatArjumand Bano | TNN | Gorakhpur | Oct 12, 2015:: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat said that the development of Hindus will lead to the development of the country in Gorakhpur on Sunday.

“It is important for the Hindus to become united and we need not listen to outsiders as they don’t know what is going on inside a shakha and only make opinions from outside and sometimes also criticize us but we should not listen to them as many times shrewd people do it for their benefits,” Bhagwat said while addressing Swayam Sevaks at MP inter-college ground in Gorakhpur.

He told RSS workers that society does not change by bringing change in law and administration but it changes by setting right examples and bringing right changes. “We need to help others and never let others down as this is the way to strengthening society. We must be aware of our goal and give it top priority. We’ll be able to reach our goal when we understand its importance,” he said.

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When 121 crore people will become strong and dedicatedly work for setting examples of goodness, India will become strong and it will bring peace and happiness in the world. The development of Hindu society is the development of nation. It is important for Hindus to become united, he added.

Bhagwat narrated two short stories to emphasize his point. The first story was about a Brahmin who gets a calf but three shrewd people take away the calf from him using an ugly trick. They tell him that he is carrying a pup. He said that the three shrewd people are like outsiders who criticize them for their benefit. In the other story, he spoke of the paras stone (Something like the touch of Midas) and stressed on planning and working carefully.

“It is necessary to become strong and gain power to make others listen to you. Earlier, when the organization (RSS) used to speak, nobody was there to care but now when we speak a few words it remains the talk of the town for days as now the organization has become big and we have branches in villages too,” Bhagwat said.

Courtesy: TOI.