Protest : Biskfarm denigrates Mahabharat in Top biscuit TV advert

Appeal to devout Hindus

The great Hindu epic Mahabharat has been denigrated in a regularly aired tv advertisement for Top biscuits manufactured by Biskfarm.

The ad shows a woman who is supposed to be Kunti telling a person (who is supposed to be Yudhishtir) to share whatever they (five brothers) have brought with them. Then ‘Yudhishtir’ angrily says that he can share Draupadi, but not Top biscuits. Then a woman (who is supposed to be Draupadi) walks in and says ‘so you can share me but not this biscuit ?’

Biskfarm has shown its lack of knowledge for and extreme disrespect towards our History by airing this advert. Now it is duty of all Hindus to protest lawfully against this denigration of Mahabharat so that Biskfarm should withdraw the said TV commercial from all forms of media and it should also tender unconditional apology to Hindus for hurting their religious sentiments. Hindus should also boycott all Biskfarm until it stops denigration of Mahabharat and apologise to Hindus.

Devout Hindus can register their lawful protest with the concerned authorities directly through the Comments Section

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Source: Forum for Hindu Awakening