Protest : Denigration of Narad Muni in ‘Star Singer’ program ‘Asia Net Suvarna’ channel

Asianet-Suvarna-TVHindus should take such channels to task, in lawful manner, and boycott them permanently !

Bengaluru : On 23rd March, at 10.00 p.m., a program was telecast on Kannada channel ‘Asia Net Suvarna’ titled ‘Star Singer’. There was callous denigration of Narad Muni in this program; besides statements were made against Deities like Ganapti, Narayan etc. ridiculing them in a very despicable manner. In this program in which there is a competition of singers and program-hostess and judges of the program were shown as Apsara and Narad.
Few incidents of mockery are given below.
1. Singer Vijay Prakash starts singing a Hindi film song when Narad Muni and Apsara start dancing.
2. Vijay Prakash says, “If this program was telecast in ‘Indra-lok’, all Deities from ‘Deva-lok’ would have run away.” On this Narad Muni says, “Really; then there would have been technical problem.”
3.Apsara says to Narad Muni, “You are learning wrong things on coming to earth.”
4. Narad is shown chanting ‘mantras’ in between the program by making mockery of them.
5. Narad Muni imitates few film stars.
6. Apsara says to Narad Muni, “Why don’t you get bell-bottom pant stitched?” on which Narad says, “The atmosphere here is very hot so my present robe is quite good.”
7. Apsara says, “Narada, I feel that a mouse is running in my stomach”; on this Narada says, “Has Ganesha left it ? I will ask Ganesha where He has left his mouse.”

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat