Protests by Yezidis rock Brussels-Yezidi International activists join in, help raise awareness worldwide

23/03/2015:-The Day of Yezidis.

The main objective of this day was to call on all the Yezidis to actively participate in a demonstration to be held in Brussels on Monday. The aim was to unite and appeal for a better future for Yezidis.

Why this demonstration in Brussels is being held? The answer lies in discussing the Plight of the Yezidis.

The Yezidi people represent a civilization which is one of the oldest in the world. They are from Iraq. Yezidis have been mistaken as devil worshippers. In last many years, Yezidi population has significantly declined due to several big genocides. There have been several genocides against the Yezidis. The very recent attack on the Yezidis took place on 3rd August 2014 by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). ISIS is waging a murderous campaign of forced conversion, enslavement and genocide of Yezidi men, women and children in Iraq. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has killed and displaced many Yezidis and also engaged in the mass kidnapping of several Yezidis — primarily women and girls. Among the displaced are the elderly, the sick, the disabled, small children and infants. Many Yezidis are still in ISIS custody.

The demonstration.

Expected participants in the demonstration were the Yezidi people especially the vibrant and lively Yezidi youth and also the sympathisers who stand with the Yezidis in this phase of pain and difficulty.


In pic:-An appeal from the Yezidi students in India to join the demonstration which was held in Brussels on Monday.


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The four goals of the demonstration were as follows:-


1. To appeal for the International protection of     

    Shingal (Sinjar) area. 

2. To recognize the genocide of Yezidis.

3. Liberation of the Yezidis kidnapped.

4. Liberation of the occupied cities and towns.

2 In pic: – Yezidis demonstrating in Brussels.

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The demonstration day on Monday was indeed a Yezidi Youth day and the hope was that the Yezidi youth goes to Brussels and deliver the demands as Yezidi representatives to the European community, in order to issue a landmark decision in the areas of protection for minorities in Nineveh Plain. Europe and India understand the Plight of Yezidis.

Yezidi people came together and announced a new day for Yezidis. They appealed for international protection in order to save Yezidi people from the state of homelessness. They appealed to liberate kidnapped Yezidi people and their villages. They appealed so that the fear which haunts the Yezidi people can be driven away. They appealed for the Yezidi autonomy.

Yezidis attended and joined the demonstration in Brussels on Monday. They raised their voices and also lifted the banners for a better tomorrow and a better future for the Yezidis.

Yezidis in the refugee camps also demonstrated to show their support for the demonstrators in Brussels (see the image below).


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About the Authors: Mukul Gupta is a pro-Yezidi activist and Mavi Mirza is a Yezidi activist from Sweden and secretary of Yezidis International.


Yezidis International is a US non-profit organization working to help the rape survivors and wipe the tears from the poor and helpless Yezidis through humanitarian aid.


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