Rajan Zed urges Hindus worldwide commit to “selfless service” on Diwali

Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, sending Diwali greetings to 1.2 billion Hindus of the world, has urged them each to take a vow of “selfless service” on this sacred occasion. Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, in a release in Nevada (USA) today, wished “joy and light in every heart” to all Hindus on Diwali, which falls on November four.

Rajan Zed quoted ancient Hindu scripture Bhagavad-Gita: Selfish action imprisons the world. Act selflessly, without any consideration of personal gain…by dedication to selfless work one achieves the highest goal. Do your work with the well-being of others always in focus…Ignorant work for their own profit, enlightened act for the welfare of the world without any attachment.

Zed also suggested Hindus to focus on inner search, stay pure, explore the vast wisdom of scriptures, make spirituality more attractive to youth and children, stay away from the greed, and always keep God in your life.

Most popular of Hindu festivals, Diwali, the festival of lights, aims at dispelling the darkness and lighting up the lives and symbolizes the victory of good over evil. Hinduism is oldest and third largest religion of the world and moksh (liberation) is its ultimate goal.