Raju Raja’s Open Letter to Indian PM – Only Science to tackle the growing Islamic terrorists attacking Bharat Mata


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dear Sri Modi Ji,


Well, those Islamic retarded terrorist boys are running the agenda of Koran, Mohammad, Allah, Mullahs and whole 9-yard of Islam but what is the agenda of the Universal Laws? They do not know the other side of the coin/fence. So that is the only answer to set these retarded boys to bring the awareness. How is it possible? If Ambani type big boys can have the hos empire accumulating is it not possible that their Dhan (wealth) can be utilized in printing the meaning of human’s true quest for higher consciousness by distributing pamphlets of knowledge and wisdom from village to village? Well, if there is a forest fire, don’t the helicopters and airplanes throw chemicals to extinguish forest fires?

Well, these terrorists are actually the evil fires burning the Mother Earth and the best way to reach your great message is laid down below. Couple of pages of the Science of Self Realization must be printed by culling down the knowledge and wisdom furnished here. Get some experts to print the best material that will penetrate their evil minds on the issues of inevitable death that all of them must face one day and the consequences of their actions. Be straight forward to make them aware that their Islamic roots are leading them to burning hellish planets rather babysitting Koran and Islam. It is time to speak spade as spade so all these Islamic Terrorists hiding in mice hole come out.

Also start them in fortified areas for two years teaching the Science of Self Realization including mediation, Chanting and Yoga i.e. Yog. Those terrorists trained in the intensive Hindu Science in fortified areas must be released so they can go among Muslim communities to train them. This way you will create “ MIND WASHING SOAP” for cleansing the evil Islamic minds. Create immediately over a million Hindu Teachers armed with the weapons of knowledge and wisdom and challenge each and every Tom and Harry in the world including all Mullahs and Popes.

Our Master Acharya Sri Charan Das Ji Maharaj challenged many Muslims of Pakistan and eventually they realized that killing of Holy Mother Cows was the utmost sinful activities.

Unless you do not implement the total Science of Self realization for Body, Mind, Soul and its Consciousness, you cannot correct the retarded humans by Yoga Day alone. The science of knowledge must go together. Without the knowledge, humans are like the blind people wondering without direction.

Please Note: There are tough answers given here for evil people. Daily News Analysis of India’s articles have been given below and our complete answer to them in the form of comments printed.

Please examine the material with open mind and courage and give chance to make evil minds become civilize – give them seed formation and eventually those evil minds will be washed with the most powerful washing Knowledge and Wisdom as furnished here. Please use all other articles in spreading the TRUE SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS for human’s digestion.

Print only two pages at the most but one page is good enough and feed them wisdom of the Hindu Universal Science piece by piece, like an infant gets nourishment by drinking drop by drop milk.

Jai Sri Krishn – HAR HAR MAHADEV

Hanuman Singh Chodhry

Under the guidance of our Master Sri Charan Das Ji Maharaj who has served over 45 years in dissemination of the pure understanding in the Science of Self Realization for the highest Consciousness.

Please Note: Yoga alone can’t solve the mystery as Bhagwan Sri Krishn taught all the four rules to His dear friend Arjun: Gyan, Bhakti, Yog, Karm. One without other does not work if you want the Arjun Sang.



IN REFERENCE TO DAILY NEWS ANALYSIS INDIA: “Taliban advance in north Afghanistan seizing district, villages – Tuesday, 28 July 2015 – 9:35pm IST | Place: Kabul | Agency: Reuters”



Did you find out how these mice holes’ Islamic terrorists able to collect weapons of mass destruction? Find the source and go after the source. These fools say that guns do not kill but people kill. So mischievous boys play very dirty psychology in their political agenda so these controlled freaks continue to distribute weapons in the hands of terrorists and use Islamic Terrorists, whenever, as their pet junk yard dogs for various strategies around the globe for pressuring their political agenda


IN REFERENCE TO DNA NEWS INDIA: “Man who lost mother in 1993 Bomb blasts wants Yakub Memon hanged – Tuesday, 28 July 2015 – 9:57pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna | From the print edition “


 Hanuman Singh Chodhry writes:

 If this Terrorist is not hanged then he will continue his Allah’s same retarded act in next lives. By hanging him, he will have the seed formation into his consciousness for his very heinous crime. India got 1.2 billion humans – just run them out into Deep Ocean so they never return on the surface. Hurry boys, what are you waiting for? IT IS TIME TO GO AFTER THEM. Form the vigilant groups from each area and find these terrorists’ mice holes and shove them off now permanently. There is no mercy for the murderers.



IN REFERENCE TO DNA NEWS INDIA : “Watch: Orangutan kisses pregnant woman’s belly – Tuesday, 28 July 2015 – 10:49pm IST | Agency: dna webdesk





They are more intelligent than present day immoral humans. By kissing the bellies, they are exhibiting their pure love towards the conceived babies in the mother’s bellies. Ask mischievous immoral promoters of same gender marriages, would they have babies born to them? They are deadly against the Universal Laws and all those promoters of same gender Relationship as the next door neighbor for World class cities must be immediately sacked. They must be challenged and stopped by all means on the absolute technicalities of IMMORAL, UNNATURAL, and for setting precedent for other evil societies such as rapists, child abusers, murderers, drunkards, nude colonists, to start voice for equal rights. Where is the end?



IN REFERENCE TO “Syrian forces, Kurds push Islamic State out of Hasaka city: Monitor – Tuesday, 28 July 2015 – 7:05pm IST | Place: Beirut | Agency: Reuters”



IN REFERENCE TO “Iraqi militia leader says US not serious about fighting Islamic State – Wednesday, 29 July 2015 – 8:25am IST | Agency: Reuters”






Bottom line: Proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Talk to Senator McCain and ask him to examine deeper into his consciousness: “IS HE RUNNING THE MONEY MASTERS’ AGENDA – the basis of creation of ABU Bakr and his ISIS TERRORISTS (rapists and be-headers)? Abu was trained in Guantanamo Penitentiary to go after Syria’s regime with the supplies of USA weapons, armored vehicles and tanks. Do you think a penniless terrorist Abu Bakr could suddenly have all the advance USA weapons just found on the corner streets in Iraq and Syria (JUST LIKE THAT). This guilty news media claim that those weapons were left behind by the US forces after Iraq war. The more fuel burns, the more is the sale of weapons of mass destruction. DO YOU DIG? THIS IS CALLED AMERICAN SLANG.

IN REFERENCE TO DNA INDIA NEWS “Dawood Ibrahim had contacts with high-ranking Indian politicians, internal involvement made 26/11 possible: Report – Sunday, 26 July 2015 – 10:00pm IST | Agency: dna webdesk” http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report-dawood-ibrahim-had-contacts-with-high-ranking-indian-politicians-internal-involvement-made-2611-possible-report-2108365


Sri Chanakya Pundit spoke: “The life of an uneducated man is as useless as the tail of a dog which neither covers its rear end, nor protects it from the bites of insects.” SO READ AND GET EDUCATED IN HARMONY TO THE UNIVERSAL LAWS, BINDING ALL SOULS WITHOUT DISTINCTION REGARDLESS OF COLOR, RACE, RELIGION, BELIEF, IDEAS, CREED, BREED, ORIGIN, SPEECH AND RICH OR POOR. To News Media, do you know that you are promoting this Islamic terrorist DAWOOD the Coward Kanjar mice hiding in the mice hole of Pakistan, where all the Kanjars hide and protected by Kanjar Terrorist minds’ Islamic Politician adhering to Koran that breed the mentality of terrorism Kanjerism, by justifying his connections. Yet his mind speaks of terrorism. Would you do the same likewise in the USA where the Muslim Terrorists are totally condemned? NO JUSTIFICATION IN THE LAND OF THE USA FOR MUSLIM TERRORISTS AND NO SOFT STORIES DECORATING TERRORISTS IN TIE AND SUIT. News Media, do not glorify Kanjars and terrorists in tie and suit. You are as guiltier as this sneaked kanjar mice hole of Pakistan terrorist as you are promoting him very well in the land of Bharat Mata. Don’t play games with Bharat Mata and its people. Why are you playing games in Bharat Bhumi? Why are you consistently, for the last two months, showing same gender women kissing video in Bharat Bhumi in DNA India Newspaper? Are you simply not promoting, condoning, approving, vulgarism? What will you say to those societies asking for equal rights such as Womanizers, Drug pushers, Drunkards including while driving, rapists, child abusers and so on so forth? Boys with your vulgar mind set, these low down societies must not ever be arrested? Idiots, you are pushing the most terrible agenda promoting same gender relationship and marriages. For almost four weeks, you kept the article that President Obama praising such a vulgar act passed by the Supreme Court of the USA where the front organ goes into the wrong hole from where discharges foul smelling toxic waste feces and then the lover boy stick in the mouth eating the feces full of germs and feces. Would you like this kind of person as your guest in the house full of feces mouth and eat food from your table unless you are relishing too? Even an animal won’t do this unless you want to become in your next destiny flies of the feces, giving eggs in the carnivores’ feces or insects of the gutters filled with foul smelling garbage and laced with feces. Remember, life comes from life. They also have material life due to the presence of an atomic soul. You created your own destiny and your action, desires, involvements, behavior, consciousness sum up to the next destiny. Do you know the Science of Consciousness of an atomic soul? There is no third party out there. Whatever you like, you get it. So if you want to lick the feces, well you get the well perfect material bodies in the lives of insects of the gutters and or flies of the feces as you have started your filthy consciousness right here in the human life by using your “free will” in totally wrong direction. You get what you do. BEST ADVICE: SO DO NOT FOOL MOTHER NATURE, MOTHER EARTH AND HOLY MOTHER COWS. They are life sustaining to all living beings. By disturbing them, you will be displaced and disturbed as you can see your past very well – they had been repeated thousands of times, yet you fools have not realized this very reason of your displacements and mass butchering. Is this truly the President of the USA promoting such evil vulgar culture under the influence of Money Masters? Recently Obama went to Kenya and took the same gender lovers’ agenda. Are humans have got so sick and insane that they have no understanding what is vulgar and what is moral? Hope tomorrow all the rapists may be demanding equal right for not going to jails?  Where will it end? Then may be child abusers, womanizers, drunkards on the streets and driving – everyone may need equal rights as next door neighbors. In America, your controlled news media very well promoting for gay equal right to be world class city.

You boys pay attention:

Soon you will see school boys after boys in USA and no law can stop them as the most world class mischievous Money Masters have taken the control over the Supreme Court of the USA, President, Senate and Congress. They own both the Democratic and Republican party. Immoral humans are easy to be controlled by Controlled freak boys as those vulgar boys/girls have lost their senses and mind. They have been lost in material evil ideas and lust totally un-natural. This is the reason that these CONTROLLED FREAK MONEY MASTERS through their controlled freak loud mouth bugle media continue to play very dirty immoral games – making the society to fall down.  It is time that all countries must rise and tell them to stop promoting such vulgar activities as the next door neighbor. Boys, do you have any idea what that vulgar next door neighbor will be doing next?  He will be going after your boys. Well these SOBS need some lesson. TO ALL SO FAR UNDISPLACED MUSLIMS, It is time to come back to your ancestors’ roots – the original Science of the Universe binding all souls uniformly without distinction. Everyone’s action is well accountable. That is the Science you must follow and give up all varieties of sinful action and surrender to God Sri Krishn submissively. It is time that you pay heed to the following words of wisdom by clicking at the link provided below and apply in your life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiaswUWyBXs&list=PLsu3dCgtC0uoWLxpBW3V82b6yUKk3jVDi&index=1

If you do not pay heed to these words and your continuous supports to Terrorists organizations (ISIS, TALIBAN, JIHADISTS and ALL FANATIC MUSLIM LEAGUES) will lead to the destruction of you and your families. Even if you find some fanatic Muslims in your area, go after those Kanjars as those Kanjars are evil and very destructive to all good meaning Muslims in the neighborhood. Immediately, good meaning Muslims must form a strong group in each neighborhood and stop any suspicions rising of Coward Muslim Terrorist Kanjars. Don’t pay heed to their soft Islamic brotherhood stories as these fanatics are very self-centered. Do what you have to do with criminals. That is the only safety for all good meaning Muslims.

Due to fanatic terrorist Muslims, millions of Muslims have been murdered and or displaced throughout the Middle-east, living in the most pathetic unhygienic conditions without clean water and scarcity of food. Children are dying due to malnourishment. Millions are rushing to different countries such as Thailand, Myanmar, Greece, Turkey, Italy and other parts of Europe. It is time that you fools stop murdering the holy mother cows, the life sustaining mothers for all humans… (Read inside what Saddam Hussein of Iraq had to speak) LISTEN AND READ GREAT SCIENCE FOR UPLIFTING THE RIGHTEOUS HUMAN’S CONSCIOUSNESS – WHOLE WORLD IS COMING BACK TO THE UNIVERSAL (SANATAN) DHARM i.e. the HINDU SCIENCE for the realization of Body, Mind, Soul and to upgrade its Consciousness through deep understanding and chanting. Warning to all Muslims: If you want to save from being displaced, immediately stop supporting all fanatic Muslims as they will destroy your families including you – leading into the top most miseries. REMEMBER: “You get what you do”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiaswUWyBXs&list=PLsu3dCgtC0uoWLxpBW3V82b6yUKk3jVDi&index=1

IN REFERENCE TO ARTICLE “After beef, Maharashtra government may go for complete liquor ban Friday, 24 July 2015 – 8:00am IST | Agency: dna | From the print edition.”



THE ABSOLUTE UNDERSTANDING ON THE DISTURBANCE OF ECOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL! Please thoroughly examine with open mind and courage to save the Mother Earth from many oncoming Natural Disaster and displacements Sunday, July 19, 2015 To: Sri Pawan Goenka, Chairman; Dr. Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Director, Board of Directors, Dr. SHIV SHANKAR & Dr. D.S. Durgappa, Environmentalists; IIT PROFESSORS, STUDENTS and all Friends Concerning Ecology and Environmental Issues: Dear brothers and sisters, Namaste One cannot tackle the Nature devastations by the methods of present day Environmentalists who got the psychological control over humans’ minds through various scientific researches, graphs, soil conditions and various gazettes giving advance warnings and depleting ground conditions. They are as good as warning humans ahead of time about hurricane or earthquake, like the Meteorologists do all day long. Even a farmer’s young boy can tell the drought condition by looking at the ground except these gazettes and present advance science can predict sooner. Still sooner or later, yet humans and properties are not saved from the oncoming destruction(s) due to the fast seeping in Ecological Imbalance. We definitely need them but here they are limited in their positions as they simply cannot alter the devastations, caused by humans’ error including them. Here they have to take the steps further to see the total reasoning and logic in the make-up of the Universal Laws and other consciousness factors. It is time that the present scientific world must examine the higher studies in order to look deeper into the actual reason(s). The answer Lies: HUMANS’ ERROR RESPONSIBLE FOR VAST NATURAL DEVASTATION(S) around the globe. We are all part of the nature and when humans defy the Natural laws, the nature repels back that is as simple as a, b, c. It must be very well understood that when humans by their imperfect minds disturb the Ecological make-up of The Mother Earth, immediately The Mother Nature reacts. In other words the Mother Nature is directly tied down with the Mother Earth and directly proportionate to our Eco system. Please Note that the laws of the Universe are perfect and when humans with imperfections deal against the Natural Karmic Physical Laws (Cause and Effect), nature repels back into more severity and then ignoramuses, without wisdom and knowledge, try to find the solution based upon the scientific studies such as preparing graphs, taking aerial views, and Geologists warning the soil and water conditions and Meteorologists giving warnings for Tsunami etc. Of course they are all needed in their limited levels but when it comes to the Universal make up of material planetary system and the life in them, they are totally lost in the absence of higher understanding on the topics of righteous consciousness and its evolutionary process and that is where the serious problem lies.  IT IS DEFINITELY DUE TO HUMANS’ ERROR. Please read the following brief knowledge to find the Absolute Truth why so much Environmental issues piling up more and more so and how we can save from further devastation(s) from Nature Fury? READ INSIDE – NOW HUMAN MEAT – where is the end? Well, world is very well progressing – ADVANCED NATIONS!/ DEVELOPED NATIONS! Human Meat Found In McDonald’s Meat Factory. http://www.snopes.com/media/notnews/humanmeat.asp

Read more at:



McDonalds Exposed For Using Human Meat! (Must Watch Video)


Bodies of Sacrificed Children end up in McDonald’s Meat.




Think, stress your mind, pay attention and you will visualize: IS IT POSSIBLE TO CLEANSE FECES TOXIC WASTE FROM THE INTESTINAL TRACT?

Well the inside organ, stomach intestinal* tracts etc are grounded and used as fillers for making meat patties for hamburgers – eating like an animal dead bodies laced with feces between two buns while driving – BIG DEMONS’ ADVANCE MODERN CIVILIZATION and fools in India are trapped as well like the dog tails around the Master for the bone and so are those so called advance Indians tailing around their Masters of the West – YES SIR, “We are at your order and service to eat even feces toxic waste laced dead bodies of the murdered animals.” That is the attitude of fools thinking of Advancement of America. *Please Note: Our Master Acharya Sri Charan Das Ji Maharaj had made the Slaughter House\ Movie in the year 1981 and had interviewed the Meat Inspector of USA Department of Agriculture within the premises of the Slaughter House who had been inspecting the murders of poor innocent helpless defenseless sentient beings over 25 years. USDA Meat Inspector told that inside portions of animals were used for making food for dogs, cats and some were used for fillers. Catholics’ delicacy in Mexico and USA is feasting on the stomachs of Cows. PLEASE NOTE IN DECEMBER 2007 WE HAD SENT OUR EXTENSIVE REPORT, CONSISTING OF OVER 700 PAGES, ON ECOLOGICAL BALANCE TO Mr. Al Gore US Ex-VICE PRESIDENT and Noble laureate and his team of Noble Laureate scientists who had been busy working on the environmental issues. Around the middle of year 2008, Al Gore Noble Laureate Team of Scientists concluded that the Meat Eaters release 25% more carbon dioxide emission than the vegetarians – THUS CAUSING SERIOUS ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGES. Now you all intelligent people figure out that the current population of meat eaters is over 6.5 billion humans then what are the consequences for increased 25% Carbon Dioxide emitting out from meat eaters? For simple questions there are simple answers. Even a young boy can figure out what is the dominating truth for mass carbon dioxide vapors destroying our ozone?  All the international forums on the environmental issues are actually coming from those who subscribe to murdering the animals and eat them too as per their sectarian religious anti Universal Natural Laws – like a wolf hiding in the sheep skin. It is time that the truth of the created problems in the world must be firmly exposed causing unlimited vast devastations around the globe – towns after towns are wiped out due to Tsunami, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Uncontrolled fires, Earthquakes, Causing huge Sink Holes consuming houses, mudslides, glaciers melting and now green land is well living to its name. What this means? The Ocean water rising and next Tsunami, Hurricane, Typhoon hitting any nation will cause more high water deeper into the country. Yes, you can curtail it if you strongly go after all those cows’ (beef) eaters enjoying their lunches and dinners starting within the premises of IIT Madras as well. Charity first begins at home. Listen to the great words of wisdom of Pythagoras: Pythagoras who was born over 500 years before Jesus came on the scene.

This is what Pythagoras, over 2500 years ago, taught the Vedic science in Greece and Rome and he said:

“The strict law of Karma deals measure for measure with anyone who violates the law of nature. As long as the people of this world continue to murder and eat their two most benign friends, the cow and the bull, they will perpetually suffer the sinful reactions of criminal violence, catastrophic wars, famine and population explosion.” These great words of wisdom were spoken over 2,500 years ago that murdering and eating two most benign friends, the cows and the bulls, humans will perpetually suffer the sinful reactions, a) Leading to Criminal Violence, b) Leading to Catastrophic Wars, c) Leading to Famine and d) Leading to Population Explosion God Sri Krishn explains to His dear friend Arjun over 5,200 years ago: “As the embodied soul continuously passes, in the body, from infancy to boyhood to youth to old age, the atomic soul similarly passes into another body at death. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change.” Bhagavad-Gita Chapter2:13 In 1814, former 2nd U.S. President John Adams, who had been reading about Hindu religion, wrote to the 3rd President of the U.S.A., “The Sage of Monticello,” Thomas Jefferson, about the doctrine of the Science of Birth and Death (Reincarnation). After revolting against the Supreme Being, some souls were hurled, John Adams wrote, “down to the region of total darkness.” They were then, the statement said, “released from prison, permitted to ascend to earth and migrate into all sorts of animals, reptiles, birds, beasts, and men, according to their rank and character, and if they passed without reproach their several graduation, they were permitted to become cows and men. If as men they behaved well… They were restored to their original rank and bliss in heaven.” …. Letters to Thomas Jefferson, March 1814, Correspondence of John Adams. Forefather of the USA and 2nd USA President, Mr. John Adams, has emphasized on the importance of cows and human’s to behave. ARE YOU BEHAVING? Noble Forefathers of the USA are called the Deists, Nature worshipers. Their understanding was based on the Natural Hindu Science of Cycle of birth and death (Reincarnation). Paul McCartney, Ex-Beatles: “We were behaving like we were going to live forever, which is what everyone thought in the Beatles days, Right? I mean, whoever thought we were going to die.” Paul and his deceased wife Linda made sure that no sale of hot dogs (made of pig flesh and blood) and hamburgers (flesh of cow including stomach and other parts of murdered cow’s body parts are grinned into a flesh patty) were allowed during Paul McCartney’s musical programs. “Science of Truth by Socrates: Clear knowledge of the truth is essential for the correct conduct of life. Action he said equals knowledge. Thus, virtue can be taught because correct action involves thought.” Plato, pupil of Socrates taught the meaning of the Immortality of soul. He taught that the soul reincarnates the other bodies after death. Plato said “IMMORAL BEHAVIOR IS THE SYMPTOM OF A DISEASED SOUL.” Plato taught in his school, ‘Academy,’ the Vedic principles of Self-control, logic and transmigration of soul. Academy started over 2,383 years ago. Albert Einstein, the father of modern physics, admitted that consciousness could not be adequately described in terms of physical phenomena. “I believe that the present fashion of applying the axioms of science to human life is not only entirely a mistake, but also has something reprehensible in it.” The great scientist once said. Amazingly, Einstein always kept a copy of Bhagavad-Gita in his possession and whenever was asked about it, he replied that was his mother. Honore Balzac, famous French author, wrote an entire novel about the cycle of birth and death (reincarnation), Seraphita. There Balzac states, “All human beings go through a previous life… who knows how many fleshly forms the heir of heaven occupies before he can be brought to understand the value of that silence and solitude whose starry plains are but the vestibule of spiritual worlds?” Balzac, La Comedie Humaine. Boston:Pratt, 1904, XXXIX, PP. 175-76. But these topics of soul’s evolution, transmigration of soul, consciousness, body, mind and soul are deep rooted into Vedic texts, since time immemorial. Once again, foolish humans will blow this world due to their ignorance, arrogance, and puffed-up negative qualities because they are so arrogant that they constantly prove “right, wrong and wrong, right.” That “once again,” to blow this world is not the first time but innumerable times, ever since time immemorial. This way, they go back to boonies and start again new life from scratch. Fools develop weapons of mass destruction and think that they would blow others but in the process, they blow themselves as well. They always want to prove to the world that they are something better than others – always making new laws for mankind and revising them constantly but never guiding the souls to direct them into righteous path. The self-interest for special groups is greater than America or above America (like a police officer acting that he is above the law), causing our young generation to remain totally ignorant in regard to the true source of knowledge. They twist, confuse and muddle the true understanding and its source, so they look glorified. But these shameless people are very dangerous, not only to America but to the whole world. Dr. Bigelow, Chief Heart Surgeon at Toronto General Hospital, Canada: “The face we see in the mirror each day expresses life; a light shines in the eyes. Through the years, our face changes from infancy to youth, and to middle and old age. But through all the changes of the bodies, we remain the same conscious persons. Everyone can intuitively understand that he is different from his physical body. When we look at our limbs we say, “This is my hand,” or “This is my leg.” The self, the “I,” is the possessor and observer of the body. This “I” reveals itself in consciousness. When the consciousness leaves, the material body becomes a corpse, inanimate and lifeless.” Charles Dickens, in David Copperfield, explored an experience often based on remembrances from past lives, DEJA VU. “We all have some experience of a feeling, that comes over us occasionally, of what we are saying and doing having been said and done before, in a remote time – of our having been surrounded, dim ages ago, by the same faces, objects, and circumstances…” Chapter 39. Paul Gauguin, one of the West’s most influential artists, who during his final years in Tahiti wrote that when the physical organism breaks up, “The soul survives.” It then takes on another body, Gauguin wrote, “Degrading or elevating according to merit or demerit.” The artist believed that the idea of continued of rebirths had first been taught in the West by Pythagoras, who learned it from the sages of ancient India. Modern thought and Catholicism, translator, Frank Lester Pleadwell. Privately printed, 1927. The St. Louis Art Museum, Missouri, now holds the original manuscript USA VEDAS EXPLAIN VERY WELL: The Almighty God is the Super infinite energy and we souls are the particles of that Super Energy in the form of infinitesimal souls – invisible and innumerable. God is one for all souls, regardless of beliefs, cast, creed, color, race, religion, and country of origin. God is attributed by various names, as explained, according to His exhibits. 9 Kinds of Aggressors: According to Manu V: 51 – A Vedic Text, there are eight kinds of aggressors. They are: 1. The one who raises the cows and other animals for slaughter, 2. The one who transports the cattle to the slaughterhouse, 3. The one who runs the slaughterhouse, 4. The one who slaughters the animals, 5. The one who sells the dead bodies and organs to restaurants/grocery stores after being slaughtered, 6. The one who cooks it, 7. The one who serves it, 8. The one who eats it. Bhagavad-Gita explains the 9th Aggressor (Spoken over 5200 years ago) –Those who support such religious societies misleading their congregation(s) that their gods have sent animals. In today’s age, they will be considered, the strict followers of the Bible and the Koran who have no mercy on the innocent helpless defenseless four legged brothers and sisters of ours. They call them animals as soulless but did they examine if they are themselves “SOULLESS?” What are they eating now in China? Dogs and Cats after most farm lands were snatched away in the name of urban developments.. Thousands of dogs, cats slaughtered during annual Chinese festival (VIDEO) http://rt.com/news/268753-dogs-cats-slaughter-festival/

Eating cat for Christmas: Activists call on Swiss parliament to outlaw pet consumption


Who are more animal? Answer Here:

Jai Sri Krishn – HAR HAR MAHADEV

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