Ram Nawami being observed



Ram Nawami, the birthday celebration of Sri Ram—a divine figure in Hinduism, is being observed throughout the country with full religious devotion and gaiety on Tuesday. The festival falls on the ninth day of waxing moon in the month of Chaitra in the Hindu calendar.

Hindu devotees celebrate this festival by observing fast, singing devotional songs and offering prayers in their homes and nearby temples.

Thousands of devotees, including from India, have flocked to Janakpurdham to offer their prayers at the Ram Janaki Temple in Dhanusha district to mark the festival. Ancient Janakpur was the birthplace of Sita, the better half of Lord Ram.

The festival is observed to commemorate the victory of Sri Ram over the demons and his inspiration to the human kind to follow the path of truth and that of highest moral standards.

Source: Ekantipur