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Narain Kataria in New York

I was on a trip to Bharat to take part in the Pravasi  Bharatiya Divas in Gandhinagar, Gujarat from January 7-9, 2015.  Then I went on to Mumbai.  During my three-week sojourn, I met with several Hindu activists, BJP, RSS, VHP and other Hindu leaders.  I exchanged my viewpoints with them.  Here is what transpired between them and me:

Almost all the Hindus I spoke with told me they believed Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi had transformed the Congress Party into a Christian and Muslim interests supporting party.  During Congress rule Hindus, who are the backbone of  Hindu Nation  of Bharat, have been  ridiculed, tormented, and  demoralized. Though an overwhelming majority, they have been reduced to the position of second-class citizens in their own country.

During that period, either minority leaders or their nominee minority appeasing and majority suppressing Hindus have ruled India.  The Hindu voice has been stifled and they have felt suffocated.  The Congress Party has denigrated, demonized and frightened adherents of Hindu Dharma to such an extent that the word “Hindu” has become a dirty word in the lexicon of communists, radical Islamists, Christian fundamentalists, far left anti-religious activists, pseudo-secular intellectuals (aka ‘sickular libertards’), and foreign funded NGOs.  Had
Sri Narendra Modi not come to power, Hinduism in India will likely  have been obliterated in the next 100 years by the deadly combination of Mullahs, Marxists and Macaulayputras (the Indian 3M).

Several Hindu leaders expressed their disgust at the killing of Indian soldiers on the Line of Control, illegal infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslims into India, pitiable plight of Kashmiri Hindus, radicalization and recruitment of Indian Muslims by IS (Islamic State), abnormal rise of the Muslim population in India, campaign of “love Jihad” (Muslim conspiracy to seduce and convert Hindu girls to Islam) by radical Islamists.  Then there is the conversion of poor Hindus to Christianity by force, fraud and allurement by Christian missionaries.  In order to save Hindu Samaj from extinction, it is absolutely  essential that Hindus become assertively  pro-active to bring back  Christians and Muslims to Hindu fold.  The overwhelming majority of  these Christians and Muslims are of Hindu origin who were converted  either brutally and forcibly or through unethical blandishment and  misrepresentation.  The opportunity for a peaceful and unifying return to their roots is the core of the ‘ghar wapsi’ program, which every  real Hindu should advocate and support.


The Internet and social media have created a great awakening among Hindus.  The movement for unification and consolidation of the Hindu Samaj is gathering increasing momentum.  Hindus in India have fully realized the importance of Hindu Unity.  Many of them told me that  Hindu population in India is still around 80%.  In the last election  only 32% Hindus voted strategically and unitedly and put Narendra Modi in power.  If 40% or 50% Hindus vote together in a systematic manner,  Hindus can rule in India democratically forever.  This should be no  cause for concern since the core of the Hindu faith is that all  religions are equal and should live together in harmony.  There is no  element in Hinduism of the declared superiority of their faith as in  Christianity and Islam.

I asked a taxi driver in Mumbai, “How do you feel after Modi becoming  the Prime Minister of India?”  His response was, “I am very happy that  we have a real Hindu Prime Minister in India.  I feel proud as a  Hindu.  For the first time in my life I feel that India is a Hindu  country.”

Even though India has not been officially declared as a Hindu State, millions of Hindus have now begun to feel that India belongs  to them and that Bharat is a Hindu Nation.

The Indian economy is booming!  The ambient atmosphere is brimming with enthusiasm and excitement. PM Modi has rejuvenated  respectability and a sense pride in Hindus about their traditions, customs, culture  and civilization.  The Indian people look to Narendra Modi as the  harbinger of hope.  Under Modi’s visionary and patriotic leadership,  India is going to be economically prosperous and militarily a super  power in the near future.  Millions of Indians are determined,  dedicated and motivated by Modi to put Bharat Mata on the pedestal of


Narain Kataria is the President of Indian American Intellectuals Forum.  The main objective of  this forum is  to strengthen Indo-American relations and create an awareness in Indian-Americans and non-Indian Americans,  and educate them about the menace of terrorism all over the world. This forum organizes every year “HINDU UNITY DAY” in New York.  So far they have celebrated 19 Annual Hindu Unity Days.  Kataria is connected with several Hindu organizations.  He was a member of the Governing Council of Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America and Organizing Secretary of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh  for New York State. Mr. Kataria lives  in New York for the last 42 years.  He has Master’s degree in History.  He is a survivor of the Partition of India in which millions of Hindus were killed.  After retirement from a prominent Law Firm in New York  in 1998, he has been working 24/7 for Hindu-related causes.  

Whenever there is any problem for Hindu community in any part of the world, this forum takes the lead, organizes protests,  sends thousands of e-mails and petitions to the concerned authorities. Kataria was conferred the award  of ‘HINDU MANI” by SHIKSHAYATAN”, a New York organization working to promote Indian Music  (Shastriya Sangeet) in this country.  He was also awarded the title of ‘HINDU RAKSHAK” by HINDI-USA. He could be reached at  His blog is:

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