Rome Rajya ends and Ram Rajya blossoms

images (1)By the time this issue reaches your hands, we all will be waiting for the election results with bated breath, to be announced on 16th May.

Every opinion poll and survey has predicted that the NDA will form the next government. I believe that NaMo (BJP) alone will get a comfortable majority. The Congress may get hardly 60-70 seats, and afterwards it may go the Janata Party way. Sonia and Rahul may help in realising the dream of Mahatma Gandhi of dissolving the Congress, in 1947 itself after independence.

In 2009, it was a pleasant surprise for the Congress as it never expected 206 seats. Look at its earlier performance. In 2004, it got 145 seats with 26.53% votes; in 1999, 114, 28.30%; in 1998, 141, 25.82%; and in 1996, 140, 28.8%. So its average tally from 1996-2004 was 135 seats (27% votes). The BJP too was shocked due to its poor performance in 2009. The reason was simple. Due to the projection of a wrong candidate as PM, Hindu voters refused to come out and vote, leading to the poor voting percentage.

As I have been consistently saying, in every election Muslims and Christians vote religiously. There is hardly any absent voter among them. It is only the Hindus who take their voting rights very lightly. And that too, when the candidate is not to their liking, Hindus just remain absent from voting and enjoy the holiday with the family. This is what happened in 2009.

But 2014 is the exact opposite of 2009. BJP is projecting NaMo as its Prime Ministerial candidate. This has electrified Hindu voters. That has resulted in more and more Hindus coming to the polling booth to cast their votes. Hence the voting percentage has increased. The increased percentage of vote is that of Hindus, which will naturally go to NaMo. Hence I predict a windfall for the BJP.

It is reported that, apart from RSS, many other Hindu religious organisations too are fully supporting NaMo, although they do not (or can not) say so openly.

On 20th April, there was a Yog Camp (Free) organised by Baba Ramdev, in Goregaon, Mumbai. Baba Ramdev was exhorting the delegates about the need to throw out the corrupt UPA Govt. Although he did not take the name of Modi (as it is prohibited by the Model Code), when he said ‘Ab Ki Baar …’, the entire audience of about 25,000 shouted at one voice ‘Modi Sarkaar’.

A surprising scene at the Yog Shibir was that many other Hindu organisations too participated in the programme. I could see representatives from Sanatan Sanstha, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Sant Asaram Bapu Ashram, etc, apart from RSS and VHP. It is indeed gratifying that Hindus are coming together and the gap between all Hindu organisations is shrinking, which is good for the Hindu society and the nation.

But what I fail to understand is the unilateral application of Model Code on Hindu saints and organisations.
For example, RSS has issued written instructions to its Swayamsevaks to do door to door campaign, appealing to Hindu voters to come and vote. But the leaflet does not say whom to vote for, due to the Model Code.

Similarly, on 9th April 2014, Sri Sri Ravishankar came on Times Now show. He too did not say openly whom he will vote for. Why can’t he proclaim ‘As a citizen of India, voting is my right and duty, and this time I will vote for Narendra Modi’. Is it an offence to say so? Naturally, he is afraid of violating the model code.

All Hindu Saints and Organisations are strictly following the Model Code, to reaffirm that they are law abiding. But Muslim and Christians do not care about it.

Muslim organisations and the Churches of all hues have no compunction in canvassing for Congress. They do it openly in their congregations. Printed circulars/letters are given to their community members to vote and not to vote for such and such candidate. The case of Father Frazer Mascarenhas, principal of St Xavier’s College, Mumbai, criticising the Gujarat model of development, is an example.
The Election Commission does not care about taking action against Muslim clerics and Church authorities for violating the model code. Is the Model Code applicable only to Hindu Saints and Hindu Organisations, and not to Muslims and Christians?

However, I feel that by prohibiting individuals or organisations from canvassing for a particular candidate or leader, the Election Commission is violating the fundamental rights of that individual or organisation. If during election an individual is not able to canvass for the candidate of his choice, what is the meaning of democracy and election?
Father Mascarenhas, Ahmed Bhukhari, Baba Ramdev and Sri Sri Ravishankar – all have equal rights. By preventing them from canvassing for the candidate of their choice, the EC is curtailing their fundamental rights. It is time that someone challenges the EC in the Supreme Court, so that this type of undemocratic rules are withdrawn. But if there are rules, they should be made applicable to all equally.

Another anomaly by the Election Commission is to compare a molehill with a mountain, many times under pressure from the electronic media mafia. For example, Amit Shah asked voters to take ‘revenge’ by pressing Lotus button. What is wrong in it? How can this be compared with the statements of ‘cutting into pieces’ of Modi or ‘burying’ of Modi? The EC has erred in punishing Amit Shah, while it is lenient on many others.

Congressmen seem to have accepted defeat. How can one explain the boycott of Mumbai Congress rally, held on 20th April (Sunday), by Sonia and Sharad Pawar, apparently due to poor turn out? Rahul was sent as a substitute. But the Times of India, Mumbai, wants us to believe that ‘Rahul rally bigger than Modi’s, say cops’. The report says that Rahul’s rally was attended by about 50,000 people whereas Modi’s rally on 21st (Monday) was attended by about 40,000. Is this called ‘paid news’? Can ToI stoop so low?

But look at the facts. I talked to a person in my area who attended Rahul’s rally. He said, there were four buses arranged from my area. Every one in the bus, including himself, was paid Rs.200/-. He said, about 80% of those in the bus are likely to vote for Modi and not to Rahul. When this is the ground reality, Congressmen are building castles in the air. And TOI is shamelessly propelling them up.

In the name of National Advisory Council and having a puppet PM, the Italian Waitress Sonia, without any worthy qualification or love for the country or its citizens, was plundering this Hindu nation. I am sure, this Rome Rajya will come to an end and Ram Rajya will blossom, on 16th May. Yes,OM will take over Rome.

Source: Hindu Voice Mumbai