RSS now plans a cow welfare kumbh

4326282925_80e342c498‘We will continue to press for nationwide cattle slaughter ban’

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is planning to start a maha kumbh — a national congress — of organisations working for the welfare of cows as a periodic activity from next year. The move is aimed at bringing all such organisations under one umbrella for greater uniformity and forming a large enough pressure group to press for a country-wide ban on cattle slaughter and a ministry for cow welfare and development.

Despite the Centre’s lack of jurisdiction on the subject, the Sangh will continue to press for a central legislation or a directive to States for a total cattle slaughter ban, a senior RSS leader told The Hindu.

“Country’s demand”

“The Sangh will do all within its reach to spread the message. It is not just the demand of the RSS but of the country. The cow is not just a deity, it is our mother and we should accept this truth,” said Ajit Prasad Mohapatra, RSS pracharak and sah sewa pramukh.

The idea of a periodic congregation came up during a nationwide march for cow welfare organised under the aegis of the Karnataka Shankaracharya.

The maha kumbh of cow welfare organisations will be similar to a conclave of RSS-affiliated social welfare organisations held in New Delhi earlier this month after a gap of five years. The number of social welfare organisations grew from about 450 to 850 in the five-year period, coinciding with the rise of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

“The RSS stand on the matter is clear and unwavering. Cattle protection has been our long-standing demand since 1957. It is not a religious matter but a cultural thing. We will create awareness from the district to the national level,” an RSS functionary said.

“Rajasthan has created a ministry for cattle welfare. That should be replicated in every State and at the national level,” he added.

Two BJP-led governments — in Maharashtra and Haryana — have already enacted laws banning cattle slaughter in the last two months.

Source: The Hindu