RSS, VHP condemns the brutal killing of VHP leader in Karnataka

Sri DS Kuttappa, Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s organising secretary for Kodagu district, who was protesting against‪#‎TippuJayanti‬ celebrations was brutally attacked and hacked to death by a group of miscreants on Tuesday morning.
Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had announced last month that his government will celebrate Tippu Jayanti every year on November 10. Sanghparivar organisations including VHP, Bajarangadal, Hindu Jagarana Vedike, others were protesting against the birthday celebrations of Tippu Sultan as planned by Goverment of Karnataka

A local VHP functionary of Madikeri said “There were around 100 people from VHP, who were silently protesting at Thimmaiah circle. Suddenly a mob came in many vehicles. Police were aware of it. Though VHP workers requested police not to allow people in vehicles, police allowed them. They came from Mangalore road, Virajpet Road and Mysore Road. Rally entered the circle from 3 roads. While coming they simply attacked the innocent protestors whomever they saw. A stone hit Kuttappa and he was deeply injured and died in hospital. Vehicles came from Kerala and there were around 2-3 thousand people in the rally. Many cars and lorries with KL registration were seen. Some suspect that local illegal Bangaldeshi labours were also made pat of the rally. SDPI and PFI workers are suspected behind this attack.
“VHP people were not violent at all. They were small in number and were silent.”, he added.
RSS Karnataka state unit has strongly condemned the incident.
67 year old DS Kuttappa was a retired state government employee, retired from Horticulture department. He was socially active, was serving as secretary for VHP Kodagu district.